About Us

Our club, often known by its initials (STHARC) was formed in 2001 to promote the use of, preservation, restoration and an interest in older vehicles.

Membership of STHARC is drawn from a wide area surrounding Queanbeyan, including the Australian Capital Territory and regional towns of the beautiful Southern Tablelands.

The club maintains a family friendly approach to its activities and encourages family involvement in its activities. Most members own at least one vehicle which is 30 years or more old but this is not a requirement for membership – just that you have an interest and passion for older vehicles.

The Club’s vehicles have just one thing in common – they are all over 30 years old. In addition to cars, there is a range of trucks, motor cycles, stationary engines, tractors, caravans and the like which form part of membership collections. While many members have carried out restoration work on their vehicles, many of the cars which attend club outings have been purchased in good or restored condition and members try to keep them in good working order while they enjoy the use of them.

The Club produces a monthly magazine “The WHEEL” that includes interesting articles on recent events and a “car of the month.”  You can read more about us in “The WHEEL” by clicking on the headings at the top of this page.

STHARC is affiliated with umbrella motoring organizations in both NSW and the ACT, including the Council of ACT Motor Clubs and the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs (the “Bush Council”).

This enables us to keep in touch with other clubs, with events and developments of importance to our members and, most importantly, means that STHARC members can obtain the benefits of concessional and historic registration provisions provided for eligible vehicles by the relevant government vehicle registration authorities.

Generally, historic and classic vehicles were manufactured at least 30 years prior to the current date. A few STHARC members have even older vehicles which are classified as vintage or veteran vehicles. Many of these vehicles are not well suited to the regular runs undertaken by the club. They are more frequently seen at static displays such as Wheels, which is held in Canberra in March each year, or special club events.

STHARC holds its meetings on the first Tuesday of each month (except January) at the Girl Guides Hall in Erin Street Queanbeyan. Meetings commence at 8.00 pm and are generally followed by an address from a guest speaker and tea or coffee.  You are most welcome to come along and meet us!

The STHARC Events Committee arranges activities for members including static displays in support of local schools or charity organizations, regular short local runs and longer runs over several days.

Finally, if you are thinking of becoming involved with heritage vehicles, please get in touch with us and discuss your needs. Unless you are firmly committed to owning something exotic, you probably will be surprised to find what an inexpensive hobby heritage motoring can be!

CONTACT US:  secretary@stharc.org.au 


Braidwood – A historic town 80 km east of Canberra.

Canberra – Australia’s national Capital City.

Cooma – The city at the gateway to the Snowy Mountains.

Goulburn – A historic city “up the road” on the way to Sydney.

Queanbeyan – One of the original settlements in the area and fastest growing city in southern NSW.