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News and Information for Club Members

Thank you to all who were able attended the funeral of foundation club member and friend John Cornwell.  I’m sure that John would have appreciated our presence and I know that Ronda appreciated the support and respect for John that our presence demonstrated.  The honour guard comprised 23 STHARC club vehicles.            Lawrie Nock STHARC Secretary

STHARC Members in attendance:

John Corbett with Ronda Cornwell in John and Ronda Cornwell’s 1954 FJ Holden

Albert Neuss & Pauline Campbell                                         1941 Chrysler

Kenny & Kay Carratt                                                                1965 HD Holden ute

Ron & Anne Scattergood and Colleen Templeman                 1968 Humber Snipe

Paul Cunneen                                                                            1939 Plymouth

Geoff & Jeanette Rudd                                                              1962 Valiant S

John & Rosemary Thomas                                                        1963 EH Holden

Malcolm & Donny Stewart                                                        1977 Holden HX Statesman

Marshall McCarron                                                                   450SLC Mercedes

Graeme Bates                                                                         1956 Ford Mainline ute

Max & Lucy Rugala                                                                 Chevrolet Impala

Garry & Ros Hatch                                                                  1954 Dodge

Krystyna McLeish                                                                    450SLC Mercedes

James, Gracie & Pam Corbett                                               1948 Pilot “Bonnie”

Brian & Benita Thomas                                                          1986 BMW 325

Tony & Christine Brown                                                          1966 Ford Mustang

Jane Nock                                                                              Jane’s Bentley S2

David Arton                                                                            1968 VW Beetle

Allan & Chris Boyd                                                                 1971 VW Beetle

Max & Marie de Oliver                                                            Mini Moke

David & Lynette Torricke Barton                                              Morris Minor

John & Ziggy Kaczmarek                                                      1975JGS Falcon

Joe & Maureen Vavra                                                             Austin 1800 ute

Lawrie Nock                                                                           1953 Packard Clipper

Bob Cannon                                                                           Modern

Malcolm & Hazel Roxburgh                                                    Modern

Ray & Barbara Malam                                                             Modern

Chris Forsey                                                                              Modern

And from Canberra Antique and Classic

“Smokey” Phillip Cancillier and his wife                                  1939 Buick Business Coupe

Farewell to Foundation member John Cornwell

12/4/1939 — 13/10/2017

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of John Cornwell a Foundation member of STHARC. He was an active Club member, who could always be relied upon to lend a helping hand at meetings, raffles, building the Club trailer, Events Director and Property Officer. He along with his wife, won the most attendance at meetings Award every year bar this year. He also won the Club member of the Year Award several times.

He believed in restoring cars rather than buying finished products. John was a perfectionist when it came to panel beating and painting often telling members he was helping to ‘keep their hands off’ his work.  He was renowned for his quality panel beating skills, with many a Club member calling on him to advise or help fix a dented car or two. He owned an FJ Holden, which he restored from scratch and it took pride of place in his garage. He purchased an FE Holden but due to health reasons was unable to finish the job so sold it. He purchased a 1974 Mercedes 450, which was easier for him to drive. The Corolla came from a relation but he later sold this too.

When Corbett’s were going to a wedding and James had an accident with the car at 11am, John immediately came around and beat the panel out so that the car was ready for the wedding at 2pm. He painted Graham Bate’s Ford Mainline Ute and John Thomas’s Ute was panel beaten and painted by him.

On a Young trip he ‘short sheeted’ the girls’ bed in the caravan and had to run for his life to avoid the repercussions from the girls. John went regularly to the June Wagga Rally

He was also a regular participant at the Collector Pumpkin Festival, Crookwell Potato Festival and mid-week runs.

John was a kind and caring person who loved to share a laugh and joke. He will be sadly missed by all Club members.

By John Thomas. John Corbett and Geoff Rudd

Vale Charlie McCarron

Charlie McCarron was known to some members of STHARC.  He was the owner of the local Holden dealership in Canowindra which was subsequently turned into a motor museum. Charlie passed away on 16 August 2017.  Details are at Canowindra news.com.au.


Invitation to the Orange inaugural “Classic Cars, Food and Wine”

I am sending this email to you as a member of the Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak committee hosting a gathering of classic cars in Orange on 24-26 November, 2017.

 We extend an invitation to car enthusiasts, car clubs, owners of classic cars and concourse vehicles and interested persons to beautiful Orange for this inaugural event, called “Classic Cars, Food and Wine” <http://www.classiccars.org.au>”.

 It’s not the age the matters, but rather the love and good vibes that a car generates for its owner. At our Classic Cars Orange event, we are looking for the cars that are judged over time to be of a high quality and maybe (but not necessarily) outstanding of their kind.  This includes collector, vintage, veteran to new unique design, fully restored and totally original cars.  All classic cars that exhibit a classic style and design from an era past are welcome to enter our Show and Shine on Saturday, 25 November

Our focus is on car clubs as well as individuals who have special vehicles that they would be proud to display. Car clubs are invited to book a unique larger display area in which to proudly show their best “in kind” vehicles together. Local car clubs are also invited to organise a display of both restored and “barn find” vehicles at the Show and Shine.

 Classic Car events will be run for three days including the event launch on Friday, 24 November, Saturday’s Show and Shine; and Flashback Retro Dinner Dance and on Sunday 26 November a 100km Observational Drive.  We invite participants to embrace all of the events of the “Weekend of Classic Cars”.

 The Show and Shine will be secure and under cover in the old Bunning’s building (over 6000 m2 area) at the Orange Homemakers Centre adjacent to the Mitchell Highway with (outdoors) adjacent car parking for the general public. Food stalls and beverages will be available all day. A trophy and awards presentation session for a range of categories will conclude the display at 3:00pm.

 The Registration Form, Program and Sponsorship Package details are attached. Tickets and further information can be obtained on our website http://www.classiccars.org.au.

 The Rotary Club of Orange Daybreak’s Classic Cars committee has kept participation costs to a minimum, however funds raised through this event will assist our club to continue its support of worthwhile community projects locally and nationally.

 What makes this event different?

1       It is a full weekend of classic car events,

2       The Show and Shine is undercover

3       The venue is secure and floodlit

4       There will be quality food and wine available

5       There will be extensive media coverage

6       This is the inaugural event for an annual event

7       The opportunities to link with other owners and club members.

 Please visit our website at www.classiccars.org.au <http://www.classiccars.org.au> for more information and to book your site and tickets to events. It will be a great weekend and we recommend it to you.

Your valued support of the inaugural “Classic Cars, Food and Wine” weekend in Orange is appreciated. We encourage you to book early as space and tickets are limited. Please feel welcome to forward this to anyone you think may be interested.

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Review of NSW 60 day log book trial

Discussion at the August meeting of the Southern Tablelands Heritage Automotive Restorers Club Inc (STHARC).

Most of the members of STHARC own heritage motor vehicles and with a few exceptions those vehicles are registered under historic vehicle provisions applicable in NSW or ACT.  Some of the club vehicles are not eligible for CVS because of modifications and the introduction of the CVS and arrangements made by CHMC to participate in that scheme will help and encourage such members and vehicle owners who have never seen a need to join clubs, to maintain and put heritage motor vehicles back on the road for the community to experience.

The 60 day trial is seen as a positive system for heritage motoring.  It allows vehicles which are not usually seen on public roads to be used at times and in places where members of the public might not otherwise see them.  Our automotive heritage is a rich one.  In Australia, more so than in many other parts of the world, the automobile has been a fundamental tool in the development of our society.  Therefore, anything which assists in preserving that heritage for the future is welcome.

In discussion at the meeting it was noted that very few owners on the log book trial manage to use their vehicles anything like 60 days per year.  The flexibility to be able to do so outside of club runs is helpful.  Particularly with heritage vehicles, there have been civic occasions where owners are asked by local authorities or charity groups to assist as a community service with events, by making their cars available to transport participants with a sense of ceremony, history or heritage, or to add an additional feature to public occasions such as church and school fetes or celebrations.  The absence of the need to make special arrangements through the club through which these vehicles are registered, simplifies the process greatly and allows timely acceptance of the requests made.

The log book itself as used for the trial is a vulnerable document.  In a permanent scheme, it would be helpful to have a more durable log book.  STHARC already requires its members who use H plated vehicles to maintain a log book for club runs.  If any new log book introduced by RMS could be drafted to permit runs to identified as 60 day log book or club runs to be recorded within the same log book, either on the same page or in a separate section, it might be helpful.  Recording on the same page of the log book, with a column to identify the nature of the use, would probably create less confusion.  Provision in the back of the book for details of maintenance and other matters relating to the use of the vehicle which might be relevant to the owners and might enhance the value of the log book to some owners.

In response to the specific questions asked, the following responses are provided:

Yes, the progress the trial to a permanent arrangement on an opt in basis.  The option to not participate should ideally remain, to cater for members or clubs for which the 60 day option is not the preferred choice.

No issues arising from the use of the current log book trial were identified apart from the matter of the structure of the log book itself.  It was agreed that a half A4 durable hard cover log book would be preferable to a separate loose leaf.

The format of a log book is for many people quite a personal thing.  The very basic requirements for the trial are to be welcomed.  All that is set out is probably all that is needed.  A log book format which complicates this very simple layout may not be welcomed by some users.

The above comments on the flexibility the trial provided for use are relevant.  The system has overcome one of the issues some owners have had in obtaining club permission to use H plated vehicles.

Lawrie Nock


  A big auction to check out on the LINKS Page


Club Membership Renewal is now OVERDUE. 

No club membership means NO CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION of your vehicle.

Link to membership renewal form to be completed and passed to Registrar. 


SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank

BSB 801 009 Account 1141200

Reference is your name so we know who has made the transfer.

The CHMC (Bush Council) Half Yearly General Meeting will be held at Queanbeyan in October 2018, with STHARC as hosts. A STHARC steering committee is required ASAP to formulate a plan for venue, accommodation lists and meals etc. for participates and to make up a flyer by 30th September 2017. Contact STHARC Secretary if you are willing to help.


CVS Club Package  Link to guidelines and documents required on getting your vehicle certified for CVS registration (Modified Vehicles)


As discussed at the 7 March meeting, STHARC has made a decision to participate in the CVS.  Chris asked at the meeting if STHARC would be prepared to host a regional meeting at which interested clubs and vehicle owners associated with CHMC could meet with officials of CHMC for briefings.  There did not seem to be any objection to the idea from those present.  Committee should formalize its response to this at its next meeting.  Chris suggested that if we are to do something it probably needs to happen in April and the sooner the better.

The hard copy of the documentation is held by myself and is available to any committee member who wants to access it.  The documentation attached should be loaded onto our website for members to access.

I am attaching my version of the minutes from tonight’s meeting for consideration and comment.  If there are no obvious issues it is the version I intend to treat as the minutes of the meeting for publication in the next newsletter.

Lawrie Nock

Secretary, STHARC

On Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 0:44, Chris Hillbrick-Boyd <secretarychmc@gmail.com> wrote:

CHMC Affiliated Clubs

Dear Club Secretary,

Attached is the CVS Club Package that provides the guidelines and documents for registering vehicles on the CVS.

CHMC reiterates that CVS is not compulsory and that your club may not wish to participate and do not intend endorsing applications for CVS registration.

As stated by the CHMC President, CHMC is committed primarily to preservation of the HVS, and is participating in CVS primarily for the benefit of those Clubs which have members with vehicles that do not properly fit within the guidelines for HVS.

Also, CHMC is prepared to conduct regional Forums, the first of which is scheduled to be at Inverell on Saturday April 1, 2017.

Should any Club wish to host or co-host such a forum please contact me as soon as possible.

Kindest regards

Chris Hillbrick-Boyd

Secretary, CHMC

Delegate to CACTMC   


The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)

Council of Heritage Motor Clubs (CHMC) approval as a Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) Approved Organisation.

CHMC was notified today by email from the RMS that our application to be an Approved Organisation for the issue of Classic Vehicle Scheme registration to financial members of clubs affiliated with the CHMC was granted by RMS.  Concurrently with the notification, the RMS website was updated to reflect this approval.

 The RMS website to view details is: www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/index.html Click on Classic Vehicles and go to Classic Vehicles:  Background.

This approval does not mean that all clubs affiliated with CHMC have to take up the CVS.  Rather it is a club by club decision.  CHMC as an Approved Organisation gives those affiliated clubs the opportunity to access CVS if it is their Club’s decision to do so.

The process CHMC will be adopting differs from that published by ACMC and its affiliates, and will initially not involve the management fee charged by that organisation.  CHC is organising the supply to Clubs of the necessary application forms and guidelines for members who wish to participate in CVS.

A further detailed announcement will be provided to all Clubs as soon as this is done, as will arrangements for regional and Clubs visits as proposed in my letter dated 12 December 2016.

Warmest wishes

Ray Ives

President C.H.M.C.

22 February 2017


Important for Club Members

The Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) introduced the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) on 19 December 2016, that includes standard and modified vehicles weighing no more than 3.5 GVM.

This new scheme does not replace the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) but is a new scheme that allows modified vehicles to be registered on Conditional Registration with all the benefits that such schemes provide for our club members.  As with the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS), vehicles must be at least 30 years old and the club member must be a financial member of STHARC (which is an approved RMS historic club).

The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) encompasses modifications to eligible vehicles that are within the ambit of RMS VSI 6.  Any vehicles that do not meet the RMS VSI 6 must have an engineers’ certificate by a certified VSCCS approved member. 

If you believe you have a vehicle eligible for registration under Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS), whether currently on full registration, on Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) or a new registration, do not hesitate to contact the STHARC Registrar to become familiar with the process for Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) registration.

The RMS has notified appropriate Councils and Associations that it expects all approved RMS historic club members who may have vehicles that meet the new Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) to move across to this scheme.   A “period of grace” has been given to members to do this, after which any vehicles found on Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) that are found to be modified will incur fines for both the club member and the club. 


Wearing of club membership badges

The membership of STHARC has increased by about one third since 2015.  This means a lot of new faces and names for existing members and for the new members even more new faces and names.  The Committee considered a suggestion from a club member that we should actively encourage members to wear their name badges at club meetings and events.  This simple courtesy will help all of us to associate more easily.  It was decided that the club will purchase some stick on name tags so that members who have forgotten their badges can be easily identified by other members who do not already know them.

Would club members please make a special effort to wear their club badges to future meetings and events. 


Members. If you missed Jennifer Douglas’s story on the Fergie tractor at Wentworth, (Hazel on Landline) catch up with ABC Open.   Click Here.


  UPDATE 11th August 2016 from    Council of ACT Motor Clubs Inc.

URGENT Council Communique – August 2016

 Official complaint received from RTA about club members offering their vehicles for hire:

It has been brought to the attention of the Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) in the ACT that car club members are advertising their vehicles for paid hire for school formals and weddings. Most advertising is through social media.

Unless the vehicle is accredited to be used as a hire vehicle and the driver holds a W classification on their driver’s licence it is illegal and an offence under section 75 of the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Act 1999 for a person to pretend to be accredited to operate a hire car service for reward.

The RTA have advised that inspectors will be actively attending end of year formals to check unlicensed vehicles participating in end of year school formals. Additionally the Authority will be contacting people who place advertisements on social media websites who are not accredited, but advertising their services.

Such behaviour reflects badly on the car club movement and anyone found to be not abiding by the rules and regulations concerning hire vehicles should be ashamed of themselves and their club should take appropriate action to discipline them.

It is not illegal to use a CRS registered vehicle to take friends and relatives to school formals and weddings provided

no fees are charged.

Thank you

If unsure of your circumstance please contact STHARC Committee,

 UPDATE 19/10/2015

John Corbett, in his Sunday best, helping out with a FERGUSON FE35 (Gold Belly) Diesel Tractor.



I am not a user of social media, but I have been informed a lot of other people are, so I have added a Facebook page to the web site. This may be away of members transferring photos to me for the web site and also a means of passing on information to the events contact prior to runs.

images 3

UPDATE 13/9/2015

Club member James Corbett celebrated his 21st Birthday with a party at the Rose Cottage, Gilmore ACT, on the 11th Sep 2015. Congratulations James.

Contact the Web Master if you have news that will be of interest to members and would like it to be entered on this page.

31st August 2015. WEB UPDATE
 All of the previous issues of The Wheel, in digital format, that I have access to have been added to the Web Site on The Wheel Page.

The Old Wheel Magazines missing are as follows:

2001 Not sure of start month. October could be issue #1? Oct Nov Dec

2002 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2003 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep

2006                                                    Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2007 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2008 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul

2010                                                            Sep               Dec

2011 Jan Feb Mar                                                            Dec

2012                                      Jun Jul Aug

2014                                             Jul

If you happen to have a digital copy of one or more of these issues on your computer, please contact me and I will arrange to get it off you. 

Malcolm Roxburgh


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