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CVS Club Package  Link to guidelines and documents required on getting your vehicle certified for CVS registration (Modified Vehicles)


As discussed at the 7 March meeting, STHARC has made a decision to participate in the CVS.  Chris asked at the meeting if STHARC would be prepared to host a regional meeting at which interested clubs and vehicle owners associated with CHMC could meet with officials of CHMC for briefings.  There did not seem to be any objection to the idea from those present.  Committee should formalize its response to this at its next meeting.  Chris suggested that if we are to do something it probably needs to happen in April and the sooner the better.

The hard copy of the documentation is held by myself and is available to any committee member who wants to access it.  The documentation attached should be loaded onto our website for members to access.

I am attaching my version of the minutes from tonight’s meeting for consideration and comment.  If there are no obvious issues it is the version I intend to treat as the minutes of the meeting for publication in the next newsletter.

Lawrie Nock

Secretary, STHARC

On Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 0:44, Chris Hillbrick-Boyd <secretarychmc@gmail.com> wrote:

CHMC Affiliated Clubs

Dear Club Secretary,

Attached is the CVS Club Package that provides the guidelines and documents for registering vehicles on the CVS.

CHMC reiterates that CVS is not compulsory and that your club may not wish to participate and do not intend endorsing applications for CVS registration.

As stated by the CHMC President, CHMC is committed primarily to preservation of the HVS, and is participating in CVS primarily for the benefit of those Clubs which have members with vehicles that do not properly fit within the guidelines for HVS.

Also, CHMC is prepared to conduct regional Forums, the first of which is scheduled to be at Inverell on Saturday April 1, 2017.

Should any Club wish to host or co-host such a forum please contact me as soon as possible.

Kindest regards

Chris Hillbrick-Boyd

Secretary, CHMC


The Wheels event is to be held next Sunday at Treasury Car Parks in Parkes ACT from 10.00 am.  

Organizers and marshals are likely to be on site from very early. 

 Participants are asked to arrive between 8.00 to 8.30 am and to arrive at the correct gate for their club.  This coming weekend is also the start of the Canberra Balloon Festival to there is likely to be be a lot of other traffic and congestion in the area.

 This year the running of the event will involve the closure of Langton and Newlands Streets which run adjacent to the Treasury Building and the use of these streets for the display of vehicles.  As a result there will be only three points of entry for participants and it is important that club members intending to display vehicles arrive at the correct gate.  There will be no opportunity for vehicles to reach their display area from other than the nominated entry because the roads will be occupied by display vehicles.

The nominated charity for this event is Technical Aids for the Disabled.  They will be seeking at the entry gates to collect from entrants a gold coin donation.

ALL British, Japanese, Antique & Classic, Vintage & Veteran and ALL electric vehicles are to access the display area from the North end of Treasury Car Park – (Corner of King EDWARD Terrace & Langton Crescent).  This entrance is identified as Gate 1. 

This means STHARC and RROCA participants may use only Gate 1 to get to their display areas.

 There are two other gates, one located off Parkes Place and one off Queen Victoria Terrace at the southern end of Langton Street.  These entrances will not be available for use by RROCA or STHARC participants.  Our members arriving at these gates will be turned away and advised to go around.

 King Edward Terrace is the road along the northern edge of Old Parliament House lawns.  It passes the High Court, Administration Building, National Art and Portrait Galleries, Questacon and between the Treasury Building and the National Library. 

For participants coming from north Canberra along Commonwealth Avenue (Civic end and across the bridge) it will be possible to take the left hand off ramp and make the right hand turn through the entry gate into Langton Street at the first set of traffic lights.  Northbound traffic along Commonwealth Avenue (new Parliament House end) will need to exit Commonwealth Avenue to the left at the Croquet Club/ Hyatt corner and turn right at the roundabout near the Chinese Embassy to follow the loop road under Commonwealth Avenue bridge.  Both of these options involve crossing traffic to access the entry gate.

 For all other club participants the best option will be to make a left turn into Langton Street out of King Edward Terrace.  This has the added attraction of not requiring a turn across oncoming or cross traffic.  King Edward Terrace is best accessed from the eastern (Kings Avenue side) of the lawns of Old Parliament House because Langton Street will be closed and there is likely to be congestion in the only other access is Parkes Place where gate 3 will be located.

STHARC will be placed adjacent to Canberra Antique and Classic and visiting members of Braidwood Car Club in the middle section of Langton Street car park and 

RROCA with the British cars at the northern/lake end of the Langton Street car park.

Details are also available on the Council of ACT Motor Clubs website at


Lawrie Nock

Delegate to CACTMC   


The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)

Council of Heritage Motor Clubs (CHMC) approval as a Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) Approved Organisation.

CHMC was notified today by email from the RMS that our application to be an Approved Organisation for the issue of Classic Vehicle Scheme registration to financial members of clubs affiliated with the CHMC was granted by RMS.  Concurrently with the notification, the RMS website was updated to reflect this approval.

 The RMS website to view details is: www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/index.html Click on Classic Vehicles and go to Classic Vehicles:  Background.

This approval does not mean that all clubs affiliated with CHMC have to take up the CVS.  Rather it is a club by club decision.  CHMC as an Approved Organisation gives those affiliated clubs the opportunity to access CVS if it is their Club’s decision to do so.

The process CHMC will be adopting differs from that published by ACMC and its affiliates, and will initially not involve the management fee charged by that organisation.  CHC is organising the supply to Clubs of the necessary application forms and guidelines for members who wish to participate in CVS.

A further detailed announcement will be provided to all Clubs as soon as this is done, as will arrangements for regional and Clubs visits as proposed in my letter dated 12 December 2016.

Warmest wishes

Ray Ives

President C.H.M.C.

22 February 2017


Important for Club Members

The Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) introduced the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) on 19 December 2016, that includes standard and modified vehicles weighing no more than 3.5 GVM.

This new scheme does not replace the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) but is a new scheme that allows modified vehicles to be registered on Conditional Registration with all the benefits that such schemes provide for our club members.  As with the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS), vehicles must be at least 30 years old and the club member must be a financial member of STHARC (which is an approved RMS historic club).

The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) encompasses modifications to eligible vehicles that are within the ambit of RMS VSI 6.  Any vehicles that do not meet the RMS VSI 6 must have an engineers’ certificate by a certified VSCCS approved member. 

If you believe you have a vehicle eligible for registration under Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS), whether currently on full registration, on Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) or a new registration, do not hesitate to contact the STHARC Registrar to become familiar with the process for Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) registration.

The RMS has notified appropriate Councils and Associations that it expects all approved RMS historic club members who may have vehicles that meet the new Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) to move across to this scheme.   A “period of grace” has been given to members to do this, after which any vehicles found on Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) that are found to be modified will incur fines for both the club member and the club. 

Urgent Information for Club Members

Static Displays in Queanbeyan 2017


 This morning I attended a meeting of the committee which organized Terribly British Day for December 2016.  The event has been run by the Jaguar Drivers Club for most of the last 40 or so years.  The administrative burden of the event has increased due to decisions by government.  Last year’s event in the Treasury Car Park was a bit disappointing due to the low turnout of display vehicles.

Terribly British Day 2017 event may be moved to Queanbeyan.  Discussions have been held with the Queanbeyan City Council administration and Council seems to be promising.  I advised the Committee members that STHARC as a resident club is likely to be both well represented at the event and likely to come forward to assist in the organizing and running of the event.  It would be helpful to have some idea of the number of STHARC members who might be available to assist with the running of the event as well as the number of British vehicles members of STHARC are likely to want to place on display on the day.  At this stage it is likely that the event will take place on Sunday 3 December and the most likely venue at this stage is Queanbeyan Park behind the Court House and Police Station.

At the same meeting a couple of other relevant static display events were mentioned.  These events have not been discussed with the Events Committee and I apologise for not doing so before raising them but we do have a bit of a time barrier to deal with.

Wheels 2017 is as advertised scheduled for Sunday 12 March at Treasury Car Parks.  The organizers have asked clubs for assistance with marshalling and traffic control.  I sent out details last week but have had only minimal responses from STHARC members willing to assist.  We will be responsible for the marshalling of our own club members’ vehicles but additional assistance will be needed for manning the entrances etc throughout the day.

The other event mentioned was a festival to be held in Queanbeyan on 5 March 2017 I think it is a multi-cultural festival.  The organizers have suggested to one of the members present at this morning’s meeting that it would be nice to have on display up to 50 vehicles representing production from throughout the world.  The immediate response from other members present was that STHARC could just about manage that on their own.  It is on our home turf and we should be interested as a part of community if for no other reason.  Some other clubs will want to be involved.  Many of the other clubs in this region have Queanbeyan residents who are members.  Some of these people will probably also wish to be involved for the same reason we should be.

I have only limited information about the 5 March display.  There is not a lot of time to sort out the details.  What would be helpful to have as soon as possible is some idea of the number of STHARC members who might wish to be involved and the types of vehicles they would be likely to bring.  I can then provide this information to the contact with the organizers to help in his liaison about what can be provided by motoring enthusiasts.

It is easier for me if responses from STHARC members are by email but I will gladly accept them in whatever form they come.

Lawrie Nock Secretary, STHARC



Wearing of club membership badges

The membership of STHARC has increased by about one third since 2015.  This means a lot of new faces and names for existing members and for the new members even more new faces and names.  The Committee considered a suggestion from a club member that we should actively encourage members to wear their name badges at club meetings and events.  This simple courtesy will help all of us to associate more easily.  It was decided that the club will purchase some stick on name tags so that members who have forgotten their badges can be easily identified by other members who do not already know them.

Would club members please make a special effort to wear their club badges to future meetings and events. 


Members. If you missed Jennifer Douglas’s story on the Fergie tractor at Wentworth, (Hazel on Landline) catch up with ABC Open.   Click Here.


Vale Ian Kenneth McLeish.


STHARC club member Ian McLeish suffered a serious fall in December 2015 which resulted in hospitalization with serious surgery and a long recovery.  Ian managed a significant recovery but about mid 2016 complications and other issues resulted in a deterioration of his health.  Ian passed away on 15 August 2016.  STHARC club members were invited by the family to celebrate Ian’s life with his family and other friends.

Ian served in various office bearer positions for the club and for the past several years has been the Club’s Public Officer.  Ian and Krys have been frequent participants in club events and have hosted many events at their home including the now regular Melbourne Cup Day party.

A service was held at Christs Church Queanbeyan on 24 August followed by a burial at Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery.  The church was packed to capacity with family and friends including a large number of STHARC members.  Following the church service a convoy of 19 STHARC club cars drove to the cemetery where they formed a guard of honour along the entrance driveway.  The first car in the display was Ian’s former 450SL Mercedes sports.

Following the burial a wake was held at the Queanbeyan RSL Bowling Club in Yass Road.  Krys told Jane that she felt that Ian would have been thrilled to have seen the guard of Honour mounted for him with the club cars.

Krys appears to be coping well with her loss and has indicated that she intends maintaining her club membership and being involved in club activities.

Roll call

Paul Cunneen, 1928 Ford, Albert Neuss and Pauline Campbell, Plymouth, John and Pam Corbett, Pilot “Albert “, James and Gracie Corbett Pilot “Bonnie”, David Torricke-Barton Morris Minor, Garry and Ros Hatch, Dodge Kingsway, Graeme Bates, Ford Mainline, Rhonda Winnett, Austin Cambridge, Jane and Lawrie Nock, Rod Lawson and Ronda Cornwell, Bentley S2, Geoff and Janette Rudd Valiant S, Ron and ANNE Scattergood, Humber Super Snipe, Allan and Chris Boyd, VW Beetle “RINGO”, ,John Kaczmarek and Gill Buckley, JGS Ford coupe, Ray and Barbara Malam, 3.0l BMW, Malcolm and Raelene Stewart, Holden Statesman, Col Hill, Ian’s former Mercedes 450SL, Marshall McCarron and Bill Butcher, Mercedes 450SLC, Brian and Benita Thomas, BMW 323.

Without club cars:  Joe and Maureen Vavra, Chris Forsey, Paul and Belinda Hogarth, Jannie Brown, John Cornwell, Malcolm and Hazel Roxburgh and former club members George and Pauline Cooke.


STHARC Guard of Honour at Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery for Ian McLeish

UPDATE 11th August 2016 from    Council of ACT Motor Clubs Inc.

URGENT Council Communique – August 2016

 Official complaint received from RTA about club members offering their vehicles for hire:

It has been brought to the attention of the Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) in the ACT that car club members are advertising their vehicles for paid hire for school formals and weddings. Most advertising is through social media.

Unless the vehicle is accredited to be used as a hire vehicle and the driver holds a W classification on their driver’s licence it is illegal and an offence under section 75 of the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Act 1999 for a person to pretend to be accredited to operate a hire car service for reward.

The RTA have advised that inspectors will be actively attending end of year formals to check unlicensed vehicles participating in end of year school formals. Additionally the Authority will be contacting people who place advertisements on social media websites who are not accredited, but advertising their services.

Such behaviour reflects badly on the car club movement and anyone found to be not abiding by the rules and regulations concerning hire vehicles should be ashamed of themselves and their club should take appropriate action to discipline them.

It is not illegal to use a CRS registered vehicle to take friends and relatives to school formals and weddings provided

no fees are charged.

Thank you

If unsure of your circumstance please contact STHARC Committee,

 UPDATE 19/10/2015

John Corbett, in his Sunday best, helping out with a FERGUSON FE35 (Gold Belly) Diesel Tractor.



I am not a user of social media, but I have been informed a lot of other people are, so I have added a Facebook page to the web site. This may be away of members transferring photos to me for the web site and also a means of passing on information to the events contact prior to runs.

images 3

UPDATE 13/9/2015

Club member James Corbett celebrated his 21st Birthday with a party at the Rose Cottage, Gilmore ACT, on the 11th Sep 2015. Congratulations James.
David B commented on James Corbett 21st Birthday party Sep 11

Contact the Web Master if you have news that will be of interest to members and would like it to be entered on this page.

31st August 2015. WEB UPDATE
 All of the previous issues of The Wheel, in digital format, that I have access to have been added to the Web Site on The Wheel Page.

The Old Wheel Magazines missing are as follows:

2001 Not sure of start month. October could be issue #1? Oct Nov Dec

2002 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2003 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep

2006                                                    Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2007 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

2008 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul

2010                                                            Sep               Dec

2011 Jan Feb Mar                                                            Dec

2012                                      Jun Jul Aug

2014                                             Jul

If you happen to have a digital copy of one or more of these issues on your computer, please contact me and I will arrange to get it off you. 

Malcolm Roxburgh


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