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Page updated 13th July 2021

A number of trucks for sale

A number of old trucks for sale. The first three apparently have good motors and running gear. All except the last one have full running gear. The 5th one is a tipper. They are all being sold as not running, but I think they are good for engines to be rebuilt and the running gear at worst. I don’t know a huge amount about trucks and am very much open to offers on any of them that may be of use to you. Please let me know if you would like more details on any of them and I’ll do my best to get more photos and info for you. Trucks are located just outside of Goulburn NSW and can be viewed at an arranged time.  See on facebook.   Link   Trucks for sale 



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The Binalong Motor Museum Auction 08/11/2020 11:00 AM AEST

The Binalong Motor Museum was founded in 1990 by two friends, Dr. Stuart Saunders and John Fitzpatrick, a retired surgeon and solicitor with a shared passion for vintage motor cars. They acquired a paddock and spent a year building a shed to house both car collections, and at the same time, formed Binalong Early Motoring Club, which exists to this day.

Several years later John moved to Melbourne, and Stuart took over as Curator. The museum and restoration workshop went on to attract visitors from all over Australia and overseas, becoming a ‘destination’ for car clubs and motoring enthusiasts alike. Stuart says that it has been a joy to meet so many people with similar interests from all over the world, and tells of one couple from the U.S. who ‘shipped their motorcycle to Australia and embarked on a road trip from Cairns to Binalong, turning up unannounced late one afternoon.’ He opened the museum especially for them.

Stuart says that his passion for vintage cars began when he was a child growing up in the U.K., when his father would bring home old motor cars which he would never keep for long, but which sparked an interest. When Stuart left home to go to university in London, he paid £5 for an old Austin 7, and he says that it was from then on, that he was hooked. He went on to race Bugattis at all the premier circuits and hill climbs in the U.K. such as Prescott, Shelsley Walsh and Silverstone in his 1927 type 35 Grand Prix Bugatti.

After 30 years of great enjoyment and patronage, the museum will close its doors to the public to allow Dr. Saunders time to pursue other interests. This includes allowing time to work on, and use his personal extraordinary chain driven 27-litre 1908 MAB Special, fitted with 1918 Packard-Liberty V12 aero engine. This car was originally found in a paddock near Wagga Wagga by Stuart some 20 years ago.

Although the closure is an emotional decision, Dr. Saunders is excited that the museum cars, motorcycles and memorabilia will find new likeminded owners who derive as much enjoyment out them as he did while in his custodianship as museum curator


At Wheels on Sunday one of the workers in the Vets food tent mentioned he had a car he wants to get rid of. The details are:
1967 Toyota Corona 2 speed auto
Spares – door, bonnet pus more.
Contact Dick on 0429 303 452