David Buckley in Shenyang China

March 2018 work trip to Shenyang, NE China (to help get a rabies vaccine manufacturer pre-qualified by WHO), so very close to the N Korean border. -5 to +5C so getting warmer but still a lot of snow and ice around – Jan would have been below -25C. The city population of over 6 million is very modern, but dates back 6,000 years ago, so pre-Pharaonic.

Sunday afternoon shopping and taken to an 8 level hardware store, each level the area of a Bunnings but all small stall-holders, selling everything from chainsaws, plumbing, welding, air compressors, mechanics tools, chain hoists up to 20 ton, spray painting, 2^nd heavy construction equipment. Etc., etc. Heaven. And cheap. About ½ Aussie price. Bought about 20kg STUFF, just OK as I have a 2 x 20kg
luggage allowance. Then onto to a sports good and camping shop, to buy a new travel backpack. 1 level but again the area was about the same as a Bunnings.

Last tea – SERIOUS tea. 3 levels in a mall, each floor same as the David Jones mall in Civic, nothing but tea and teapots and stuff for making tea, or serving tea. Most expensive tea was $1000. No. I didn’t buy any.

Tomorrow I have to knuckle down and wrestle with rabies – yes, I’m vaccinated and boosted every 2 years. Not a fair fight – I win. Too easy.

David Buckley

Doing it tough – 15-30 course banquet every night – but -11oC tomorrow and snowing/icy sleet. Will be pleased to get home and just have a sandwich for lunch.

Jane Nock’s Trip to the USA. Railroad Days in Snoqualmie, WA, USA 18 to 20 August 2017

On my recent visit to my son and his family I enjoyed the celebrations associated with this annual celebration. The Saturday started with a Pancake Breakfast – 2 pancakes with maple syrup and topping of your choice, including fresh fruit and a plain or iced donut, juice, tea or coffee all for $5pp, at the local Fire Station. The Grand Parade down the main street of Historic Downtown Snoqualm-ie was very popular, featuring the mayor and his opposition for the forth-coming elections, the police, fire brigade, some cars from the Legends Car Club, local community groups, a band, cheerleaders and my favour-ite, a pirate ship float with swashbuckling pirates and a real cannon that went off every 10m or so along the full length of the main street.

Stalls lined both sides of the street and featured arts, crafts and various stallholders. We bought tickets to take the 90 minute return train trip through spectacular scenery to North Bend and Snoqualmie Falls. Our carriage of choice was a restored vintage one.

The Legends Pacific NW Car Club put on one of their 2017 Classic Car Shows on the Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm. Interestingly enough they wel-come all hot rods, customs, classics, muscle cars, trucks and motorcy-cles. Trophies were awarded in 21 classes! Class Descriptions were Stock to 56, Stock 57 to 65, Stock 66 and up, Modified to 50, Stock Truck, Modified Truck, Street Rod to 48, Custom 49 and up, Chevy Tri Five (55,56,57), 80 and Up, Sports Car 2 Seater, Unfinished, Orphan, Foreign, Ford Muscle Car 60 and up, GM Muscle Car 60 and Up, Mopar Muscle Car and Up, Motorcycle, Modern Muscle and Special Interest. People were friendly and happy to chat.

This celebration certainly gave me a snapshot of the history of Snoqualmie and the hardships faced by the pioneers of the area. It also reinforced how dog and child friendly Seattle and this part of the world is.

If you would like to know more about the area or the Legends Car Club do look it up on the internet. By Jane Nock

47th ANNUAL CHMC Rally  Albury 18 – 22 May 2017

by Allan Boyd, STHARC

The CHMC Annual Rally was hosted by the Antique Car Club Albury Wodonga (ACCAW) and was planned to coincide with the Albury Wodonga Club’s 50th Anniversary, the National Heritage Motoring Day (NHMD) and the Victorian Federation Meeting of Delegates.  This involved a lot of planning and work for the host Club, as the Rally was spread over 5 days.

Thursday, the first day, ACCAW provided a welcome morning tea, a “check in” at the Albury Showground, then an early bird tour of about 73km with lunch at Burrumbuttock.  On return to Albury Showground it was meet and greet those arriving and another cuppa.

Friday we met at the Showground and vehicles were divided into White, Blue and Red groups for the day’s tour incorporating lunch at the Old Gaol at Beechworth.  The tour commenced at 10am in the rain but this did not deter the attendees.  As Chris had to attend a CHMC Committee meeting after lunch, with some photocopying required beforehand, we did not go on the drive.  The CHMC AGM was held that night from 8pm – 10pm at the Albury Entertainment Centre and was well attended by Committee, delegates, observers and visitors.  The election of Committee went smoothly and the current Committee Office Bearers remains unchanged.  Two clubs applications for membership to CHMC were accepted by members.

Saturday morning the rain had cleared and the White, Blue and Red groups of cars set out on the day’s tour of the ‘wine areas’ with all the groups meeting at the Corowa RSL club for a delicious  lunch and in sunshine.  The array of vehicles in the carpark drew some attention from other club members and a few locals.  That night was the Rally Welcome Dinner with entertainment at the Albury Entertainment Centre that Chris attended whilst I enjoyed a quiet night in.  Chris reported it was a lot of fun, and she returned back to the cabin with a few prizes won from participating in some funny and a few outlandish competitions.

Sunday the weather was warmer and sunny for the CHMC vehicle display and judging of cars, especially the Concours D’Elegance judging (won by a 1918 Daimler light 30 tourer), at the Lincoln Causeway Park Wodonga from 10am to Midday.  John and Rosemary Thomas’ 1964 EH Holden was selected to be part of the Concours display, and was in a roped off area next to the entrance.  The Holden attracted quite a bit of interest.  After the morning’s judging, the combined National Heritage Motoring Day display followed when many other vehicle clubs joined the CHMC display.  Many of the Rally sponsors attended the display such as Shannons Insurance, NRMA Classic Insurance, and Hume Bank.  The large vehicle display attracted many locals and car enthusiasts.

That evening was the Gala Dinner and Presentation Evening at the Albury Entertainment Centre, the dress code was ‘Gatsby to Go-Go’.  Great food, good company and many trophies were presented including the CHMC Perpetual Trophies; 34 individual clubs were represented.

Monday morning we packed up at our accommodation and returned to the Albury Showground for a Farewell BBQ Breakfast.  There was another short tour for ‘those who didn’t want to go home’ but we were not one of them.

STHARC Roll Call:

John & Rosemary Thomas                  1964EH Holden

Allan & Chris Boyd                            1977 BMW 633 csi sports coupe



18 – 22 MAY, ALBURY NSW. 

By Allan Boyd, STHARC

Husband to his wife; honestly dear, I didn’t buy the car, it just followed me home!

After the Sunday night Presentation Dinner, Chris and I returned to the Beema in the car park, opened the boot to put items in AND it would not close but was stuck wide open on its torsion rods.

So I tied the boot in position and drove back to the caravan park with a large F1 wing on the rear.  We got some looks!

Friends and fellow CHMC Committee members Mike and Max Beale’s 1937 Chev driver’s window failed to shut, so we spent some time searching in a large well-known Warehouse for some rubber wedges to hold the window up; it was raining!

While searching in this Warehouse, there was a heavy rain storm causing the roof to leak in a number of sections of the Warehouse – so staff grabbed buckets off the shelves and put them to immediate use.  It was raining so hard, we decided to stay and eat lunch at their snack bar.

Jenny Fawbert, CHMC webmaster, drove her modern car to the Rally, so she willingly accepted a lift from the Packham’s in the dickie seat of their Buick.  At the lunch stop, Jenny had to do some tricky moves to exit the seat.  Some whispered remarks were made about engine hoists.

One group of vehicle enthusiasts travelling through the Victorian countryside to the Corowa lunch venue only made it to Rutherglen and stopped.   The wine tasting was so good, they settled in for a few hours of food and wine and “walking down memory lane”.  Seems their vehicles were heard to rattle on the return trip to Albury – wine bottles we believe.

The Boyds  booked into a caravan park cabin not realising it was very close to the Hume Freeway, its ramp entrances and the Sydney – Melbourne rail line.  Another trip to that Warehouse – this time for ear plugs.

The Boyds 1977 BMW 633 is usually the lone wolf at rallies, but not so this time – there were two more:  a 1976 528 and a 1986 535, both from Victoria.  A trio of Beemas!

4th Annual Harden Murrumburrah Truck and Tractor Show-19th March 2017

Barry Bear represented STHARC at the 4th Annual Harden Murrumburrah Truck and Tractor Show on Sunday 19th March.

There was a good roll up of 8 Ferguson Tractors as well as a few other brands that we didn’t take much notice of, also, a good attendance of International Trucks as they were the featured make this year.  There were plenty of table tops and prime movers of other makes to keep the crowd interested until wrap up at 3pm. The display was a bit smaller than previous years as there was two other truck shows the same weekend but still worthwhile making the trip.

Malcolm Roxburgh

Queanbeyan Hot Rods 28th January 2017

Clarendon Classic Rally September 2016
Grenfell Tractor Trek 17th & 18th September 2016.  From Malcolm Roxburgh

I went to a tractor trek last weekend and it is amazing what little country towns hide. It rained on Sunday so we all went to the Chrysler Museum in the main street of Grenfell.

Dubbo Truck Show

Standard and Triumph Car Club trip to Orange from Malcolm Roxburgh

Hazel and I attended a overnight trip with STCC on the 20th/21st August. We stayed at Turners Vineyard Motel on the Bathurst road just out of Orange. Turner and Sons have a transport and excavation business in Orange and they have set up a small museum at the vineyard wine testing venue.

The 60th Anniversary of the big Wentworth Flood of 1956. from Malcolm Roxburgh

On the 9th and 10th July 2016 Hazel and I attended the 60th anniversary of when “by God and by Fergie” the township of Wentworth was saved  from the rages of a flooding Murray River. This event is held every 5 years and Fergies and their owners gather from all over Australia. This year there were representatives from Tasmania and Western Australia as well as the Eastern States. The event started with a tractor trek from Red Cliffs to Wentworth on the Friday, a distance of 49klms via the route we took and another tractor trek on Saturday around the Wentworth area of about 100klms. The tractor trekking concluded with in a short drive to the main street on Sunday morning, passing the Fergie monument, and filling the main street with Fergies for the public to have a look at (approx. 220 this year). Unfortunately it rained on Sunday so the public crowd seem down to me from previous events but those Fergie nuts who attended all had a good time.

Some photos below.   


Echuca Steam Festival 11th and 12th June 2016.from Malcolm Roxburgh

I attended the Echuca Steam Festival on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend as a member of the Harry Ferguson Tractor Club. This is an annual event for the HFTC and the Annual General Meeting is held on the Saturday night. .After a 7 hour drive we unloaded the tractor on Friday afternoon and reintroduced it to all its mates.

Saturday was a cool overcast day with a short squall and rain late in the evening but Sunday was clear skies with a full sun, all in all a lovely day to play with tractors. This year is the 60th anniversary of the Ferguson Grey and Gold FE35 and the 70th anniversary of the famous little grey Ferguson TE 20 range of tractors. I will be attending the Wentworth Ferguson rally this year as well as it is the 60th anniversary since the Little Grey Fergie saved Wentworth from the 1956 Flood when all the Fergies in the area got together to build a levy bank around the town.

The featured marque of the Echuca show was FORD as this is the last year FORDs will be manufactured in Australia but my favorite was the Morrie 1000 with the small caravan.

The remains from the wood chop completion was raffled off as firewood.

Some photos below.

Wooback We’re Back

Organised by the Yass Heritage Working Horse Association’s to show off beautiful historic Yass Valley and raise awareness of the ability and agility of the Heavy Horse in Australia. Horses and bullocks pulling ploughs across the paddocks along with other events with horse drawn machinery. Sunday was a great day with Real Horse Power. The Guinness Record with most horse drawn things was missed by just that much – 2 horse bolted. Botheration!”



30th April-1st May 2016

Photos by John Thomas and John Kaczmarek


                                     FRIDAY 1st APRIL TO FRIDAY 8th APRIL 2016

Every two years a venue is selected to host the Vintage Caravans Nationals. Enthusiasts travel from all over Australia to attend and be part of the fun of the event. This year we had all states represented, including the ACT but none from the NT.

Maureen and I packed our restored 1972 Capricorn Birdie Deluxe caravan “Tweety Bird” together with its brand new annex skilfully made for us by Max de Oliver. We decided we would head north straight up the highway. Another group headed up by Ken Herne went to Cowra, They and took the inland route with a good number of vintage caravans who met Ken and Judy at Cowra. We didn’t have the time to join Ken’s group so Maureen and I spent our first night at Vineyard Caravan Park. From all accounts Ken’s convoy had a very good trip. One of their highlights was doing a lap of Mount Panorama, Bathurst.

Anyway, next day we travelled to Gloucester where we stayed with Austin A40 car club friends Peter & Beverly Jackson. Some might know of Peter as the guy who makes rubber bits and old car panels. We thoroughly enjoyed our short stay and I especially because I watched Pete making a consignment of headlight rims to be sent off to the USA. He is such a cleaver man. Car clubs often visit him for a guided tour through his big workshop.

Off again next day we arrived at South West Rocks Tourist Park. There were already a good number of vans that had arrived. By the following day there were about 120 vintage and classic caravans in the park. Some towed by cars of the similar vintage. There were also a few hot rod tow-cars and one in particular was a very neatly constructed fibreglass bodied Hudson with Nissan 300Z underneath. This was quite an impressive bit of engineering.

SATURDAY 2nd APRIL. We registered and explored the town, did a bit of shopping and met folks. At 5pm we had happy hour snacks, salad & BBQ sausage sizzle supplied by South West Rocks Tourist Park that was prepared and served by the local Rotary Club.

SUNDAY 3rd April. Morning our vintage caravans were open for fellow caravan members to look through and inspect your van and collectables. Maureen and I dressed our van ready for inspection which wasn’t too difficult because all the things we had on display were things we used in the van. Like, the old Hot Point toaster that needs to have the sides opened to inspect the bread wasn’t burning then turn bread over; the electric kettle that doesn’t turn off when water is boiled. Oh how easy we have it these days with all our modern appliances.

While our vans were open and people walking around inspecting them – we had a sell/swap wanted for small caravan parts/ books/collectables etc on a table outside our caravans

MONDAY 4th April. On our agenda was a tour of Slim Dusty Centre in South Kempsey.

TUESDAY 5th APRIL. After a hearty breakfast we were off to Trail Bay Goal in Arakoon about 5km from SWR

Afterwards we also checked out Smoky Cape Lighthouse close by where we enjoyed fabulous views of the coastline.

That afternoon most folks including Maureen and I went to the South West Rocks Country Club for a go at Bare Foot Bowling which had been arranged by the organisers of the rally. This bowling looks a lot easier on the telly but we heard a good deal of laughing, especially from Maureen, so I guess we all had fun. The Bowling club prepared a BBQ dinner for those who wanted it. What a top meal of Garden Salad, Potato Salad, Pasta, Beef and Onion Sausages, Black Pepper Steak, Bread Rolls & Butter, The bar was opened so we all had a great time.

WEDNESDAY 6th APRIL. We head off to visit the “PUB With No Beer” at Taylors Arm where we had lunch outside in the gatden. We thoroughly enjoyed the drive there and back was quite scenic. By the way there was also “No Telephone reception” either. Ha! Ha!

On the return trip we stopped at Macksville for a look around, explored the OP shops and Antique stores and even treated ourselves to a delicious ice cream.

We couldn’t dilly- dally for too long because in the afternoon at the Caravan Park they held the traditional Auction where we were asked to bring all our loved and unloved treasure’s to raise money for the “Children With Cancer”. $3000 was raised which was a fair effort.

THURSDAY 7th APRIL This was a Free Day to explore what we didn’t have time to see in this area. Maureen discovered a nice little craft shop. Close by I found a garage with a few retired guys making toys and other bits to raise money for the local retirement village. Among the bits they made were Whirly Gigs – you know – things like birds you put outside and the wind blows the wings to make them twirl, Well, after a short chat with these guys I managed to persuade them to give me the patterns for a Kookaburra, Magpie, Duck, Pelican and the Road Runner and Coyote.

That evening we went to the South West Rocks Country Club Auditorium for the traditional Dinner Dance. The meal and Rock-n-Roll music was great. A good number of people went to the effort to dress up in the period of their vans. As soon as the music started they were up dancing. Although some were getting on in their years, they still had all the Jive and rock-n-roll moves. Great to watch. Maureen and I got up and cut a rug during the slower tunes, only because my knee has had it!!

Friday 8th April. Today was time to say goodbye for most and hook up their Vintage/Classic van and head for home. Since we were staying on we took the opportunity to sit outside and take photos of Vans and cars leaving.

During the Nationals we had a member, Brenten, who volunteered to give a few sessions on making Caravan cushions. He was very good and also let us know where we could purchase fabrics.

A lady had made a magnificent quilt which she donated to be raffled with proceeds added to the Auction money raised.

Over the next few days we explored a bit more, checked out the cafés and the local markets.

On Monday we packed up and departed for home. We stopped at Taree for lunch and fuel then again at Heatherbrae for and afternoon tea pie J . We stayed in Sydney overnight and caught up with mates in the Austin A40 Club for dinner at the St Marys Band Club. What a great meal and even better time catching up with our friends.

Next day it was an easy drive back home to Gowrie. At this stage the venue for the next Nationals has not been decided but we are sure it will be as good as those in the past.

Joe & Maureen Vavra

Photos: Joe Vara

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