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Good Afternoon,

It’s not often I reach out like this in regards to an event, but then again it’s not often we have an event like this come along! On August 17th the National Museum of Australia will be taking most of the cars held in their working collection to Wakefield Park where they will be both on display, but also driven around the track to showcase their functionality. It has literally never happened before and may never happen again, hence I am pretty keen to see it well supported, and I’d hate for anyone to miss out on the opportunity.

They have Show n Shine packages available to car clubs who wish to arrive and display as a group, as well as some opportunities available to do parade sessions on the track, and all the costs are very reasonable (Hint: If you’re a member of the Shannons Club you get 50% off the ticket price if pre purchased online!).

The vehicle list includes:

  • Brabham BT23A-1 Repco V8, 1967, built and raced by Formula One legend, Jack Brabham
  • 1923 5CV ‘Type C’ torpedo’ Citroen motor car, driven around Australia by Nevill Westwood in 1925
  • The Sundowner Bean 14hp car, 1925, driven by Francis Birtles on his record-breaking journey from London to Melbourne in 1927
  • DE 36hp Daimler landaulette, 1948, an extremely rare coach-built vehicle by Hooper and Co. on a Daimler ‘straight eight’ chassis used by Queen Elizabeth II during the 1954 Royal tour.
  • Model-T Ford truck, 1924–26, used to promote Aeroplane Jelly from 1978 to 1988
  • A black 1959 Wolseley 1500 saloon sedan with four doors
  • Australian Government Bentley ‘S’ Series 3 black saloon motor car used by Sir Robert Menzies
  • Model 48/215 Holden sedan, 1949, delivered the day before these Holdens were released for sale to the general public.
  • Holden Calais 2017 V sedan and accessories – manufactured at the GM Holden factory in Elizabeth, South Australia on 13 October 2017, a week prior to the plant’s closure on 20 October 2017

There’s a hell of a lot of history on display there and I think it would be an amazing opportunity to bring together a wide array of motoring history in one place.

If you’re club is interested in coming along and displaying in the Show n Shine please email for more information.


Steven Farmer | Customer Value & Business Development Leader – ACT

Shannons Limited

Unit 20, 2 Yallourn Street

Fyshwick, ACT 2609

Ph (02) 6124 4353

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Mob 0439 766 957

Sunday 18th August 2019  Shannons Cars, Bikes n Coffee. 

Exhibition Park in Canberra Flemington Rd & Northbourne Avenue, Mitchell, Canberra, ACT. (9am -12pm)  MORE INFO


No photo description available.

How it’s all going to go down on Sunday:

Venue Access – Best entry is via Gate 4 off Northbourne Avenue (Where the Woolies Caltex service station is). Turn right at the entry gate and follow the signs into the event area. Preference will be to maintain cars flowing into the venue from this direction, so if you come from the other side hoping to shortcut the queue, you’ll only end up waiting till theres a break in the traffic anyway.

Event Entry – ALL ENTRANTS are to filter in via the Entry Passage A until the tarmac area is full at which point we will switch to Entry Passage B to fill in the grassed area as marked on the attached diagram. Speed should be limited to 5kph at all times inside the venue and all marshals instructions are to be followed.

Entrant Parking – All vehicles are to park reversed in on a 45deg angle. Please follow marshals instructions with parking location and distance from other vehicles. If their instruction is followed we’ll be able to get more people parked up under cover and entry/exit will flow nicely and easily. There are separate zones for cars and motorcycles, any large vehicles (trucks, towing vehicles etc.) will be required to park up outside the building.
The centre row will be parked in herringbone to maximise the number of vehicles able to park under cover on the day.

Parking in Groups – If you intend to park as a group with mates/clubs, please ensure you arrive as a group. We will not allow holding of spaces for people who haven’t arrived yet

General Parking – If you’re attending just for a look and not displaying your vehicle there is general parking directly across the road which will be signposted. This is also where your towing car will be directed to park if you are bringing a car/bike on a trailer.

Overflow – When the under cover area fills entirely we will run the planned rows outdoors to the end of the venue, then fill the sides of the entry road to accommodate as many as possible. When the tarmac area is full we will open Entry Passage B and commence filling the grassed area adjacent. If we entirely fill the grassed area we will be forced to direct you to the general parking area. As usual, the best spots go to the early arrivals.

Departure – You may leave at any time, please adhere to the 5kph limit within the venue and if there is a crowd of pedestrians moving through the aisles when you decide to leave, please alert a marshal so we can escort you out, manage the crowds and ensure a safe and easy departure. It also allows us to manage where spaces may have opened to fill in with any new arrivals. You can spot the marshals by looking for someone in Hi Vis.

Be patient, have fun, there will be some amazing vehicles on display from a wide cross section of enthusiasts and we all want to make sure the day is as enjoyable as possible for all!

SILLY BEHAVIOUR FROM ANY PARTICIPANTS ANYWHERE WITHIN EXHIBITION PARK WILL BE RECORDED ON CCTV AND WILL BE REFERRED TO POLICE IF NECESSARY! If you are speeding or driving in any manner deemed to be dangerous you will be ejected from the venue and not invited back. This applies to venue departure as well, don’t ruin it for everyone else 🙂

Thanks in advance, feel free to add questions in the comments!


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