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 Shannons Canberra Cars, Bikes n Coffee – Final Edition!


Alright! We are just around the corner from the LAST Shannons Cars, Bikes n Coffee event!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about how to make this one a bit special. We considered a range of entertainment options and the like but none of it felt ‘right’.

I don’t think it felt right because that’s not why we do it, nor is it why you all come along. Why we do it is for our community, and supporting this community is why you all come along.

One thing I have ALWAYS loved about the motoring community is the way we all rally behind good causes, and leverage our hobby to do some good in the world. Right now in this country there are thousands of people suffering at the hands of horrendous bushfires leading into the supposed ‘holiday season’ and I think it’s only fitting that we send off this event with something we can all contribute to in some way, to do some good in the world and be proud of the way our community comes together to support those in need.

On Sunday the 8th December we will be raising money to support those affected by the bushfires still burning across NSW and QLD. 50% will go to impacted RFS stations and 50% will go into community support funds. Supporting both the firefighters who need resources and the communities who need food, water, shelter, and ultimately to rebuild their lives.

We have never asked anyone to pay their way into our events, and we have no intention of putting a price tag on it this time either. There will be a bucket at the front gate, and the expectation is that you contribute what you reasonably can. In the same vein as local legend Andrew Dale I ask;

If you’re genuinely struggling and 50c is all you can spare, thank you.

If you’re doing alright and wouldn’t cry over $5, even better.

If you’re smashing life and can drop $100, legend effort!

If everyone chips in we can make a proper difference to many peoples lives!

Straight up, Joe from Capital Precision Coating committed $500 to the fundraising effort – WHAT A LEGEND!!!

SUMMERNATS Donated us 10, yes TEN, season passes to the Nats to raffle off on the day!

AANNDD The Cars, Bikes n Coffee banner will also be raffled off to raise money for the cause!

How good is that???

Steven Farmer 

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