John C FJ

Owned and loved by John Cornwell.

I first became aware of the famous F.X. and F.J. Holdens when  my Father owned both models. There are three types of  F.J. sedans.

The F.J. Special, The F.J. Standard and the F.J. Business Sedan.

The Business Sedan is the one I own. The features of my F.J. are:

Style F.J. 217,   Body: Sydney 2783.

Sub-Frame:  5-11-560-Sydney.     Built: 7 month, 1955.

Features are: Rubber mats, front and back.

Painted seat base rear.  Heavy Duty Springs.

Taxi Bar mounted Pillar to Pillar across the rear of the front seat. Door pulls on all four doors. Two light switches for interior light. The interior light has a switch on it as well as the right hand centre door pillar.

I purchased the vehicle in 1983. A work-mate of mine had an old Aunty who owned it and it had been garaged for a number of years. After I purchased the vehicle I set about to restore the car. I completely stripped the car and the paintwork back to the raw metal and I was surprised to only find a few minor dents and no rust at all. I then set about to repaint the vehicle in the original    colour:  Paint number 253-16209,  Lithgow cream. The interior upholstery  was completed by a family friend.

The vehicle stayed in that condition for some time until my daughter, Melanie, asked if she could use the car for her wedding in 1992. That prompted me to get back to the car and to start work again. A complete overhaul of the front-end, the brakes and a   tune-up of the engine. Only a little work was needed to get the car mobile. With the car all back together and made roadworthy, it was off to be checked, passing all RTA requirements for full registration with flying colours. The number plate was FJ755. Our daughter looked beautiful in the car her father had restored and I was as pleased and as proud of my daughter as I was of my F.J. Holden!

Later when I became involved with historic car clubs I transferred it to conditional registration.



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