Queanbeyan Central Park, Queanbeyan

presented by the Triumph Car Club of the ACT Inc

by Allan Boyd

The weather on the day suited the British occasion changing from 29C on Saturday to 19C on Sunday, so jackets and scarves were appropriate for the chilly and windy conditions.

Many British vehicle marques were represented, ranging from the smaller ones, Morris and Mini Minors, to the grander ones, Bentleys, Rolls Royce and Aston Martins, and with everything in between. Total count was approximately 230 vehicles.

In addition, British motorcycles ranged from BSA Bantams, Triumphs, Nortons, AJS, Ariels to a Brough Superior, with a total of approximately 36 machines.  Not be outdone, one Grey Fergie tractor was on display also.

Catering was in keeping with cool and windy conditions with a hot food outlet and a hot & cold drinks van – all popular.

Presentations were made at 1pm; Shannons Insurance was the major sponsor.

Ladies Choice trophy was selected and presented by QPRC Councillor Trudy Taylor to Phil & Rose Turner for their Triumph TR3A.

Gentleman’s Choice trophy was selected and presented by ACT motoring enthusiast Mick Gentleman for a Morris Minor Low Line.

Best Motorcycle went to Peter Davey for his 1939 Brough Superior.

Best car selected by the Triumph Car Club Committee and presented by “Victor the Viking” went to Ian Kenny for his 1928 W.O. Bentley.

The “Club Shield” was selected and presented by the Triumph Car Club Committee to the MG Car Club of the ACT.

Selected charity for the event was ‘Respite Care for Queanbeyan’ which had several volunteers collecting donations on the day.

In all a most enjoyable day, and the public took the opportunity to get out and about to wander amongst the many British vehicles on display and chat with their owners.

Thank you to the Triumph Car Club of the ACT for presenting the TBD display, especially to Horst Kirchener for his major role.

STHARC Roll Call (as spotted by Allan):

Allan Boyd                 1949 Ariel Motorcycle

Paul Cunneen              Ford

Chris Forsey               Jensen Interceptor

Brian McKinley          Morris Minor

Ray Malam                 Jaguar

Albert Neuss               Grey Fergie

Chris O’Rourke           Rolls Royce

Ian & Tina Oliver       Bentley

Not so much an event but a STHARC tribute to Max de Oliver

Max de Oliver’s funeral Guard of Honour  Monday 11 May 2020

Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery

by Chris Hillbrick-Boyd and Lawrie Nock

Following Lawrie Nock’s extensive research to ensure STHARC kept within the Covid 19 requirements, a fitting farewell for Max was organised – a Guard of Honour of STHARC vehicles and members.

We woke up to a cold, clear Monday morning that progressed into a warm, blue-sky day.  By 11am there were a number of STHARC vehicles and members lined along the cemetery road from the Cemetery gates.  Everyone maintained the social distancing rules, but were still able to share memories of Max.  As the hearse turned into the cemetery there were up to 35 vehicles and around 50 members; in addition to our own members, we were joined in the Guard of Honour by some of Max’s relatives.  The hearse was followed by Max’s blue Mini Moke “Max” driven by a relative      with Maree Burke as passenger.  The allowed number of funeral mourners followed Max’s Moke past the Guard of Honour.  Despite her grief, Maree gave an acknowledging wave to the STHARC members and relatives who were standing at attention beside their vehicles.

STHARC vehicles followed the funeral procession to near where the minister waited for the mourners and Max’s coffin, and parked along the roadway.  Although we could not hear what was said, we could ascertain what was happening.  At a given signal, the STHARC members tooted their vehicles’ horns as a final farewell to a loved and respected friend and STHARC member.

One by one the STHARC members left the cemetery, many driving past the funeral pavilion at a slow pace in honour of Max.  However, one owner found himself stranded with a flat battery, but luckily another member carried a charger and willingly lent it to start the car.  And so we left the family to grieve Max’s passing.

We do hope Max enjoyed what we were able to do in his memory.

Max de Oliver’s funeral Guard of Honour
STHARC Roll Call (alphabetically):                                                STHARC Club Vehicles (oldest to newest):

David & Alicia Arton                                                                   1942 Chrysler

Keith & Janice Bateman                                                              1948 Pilot  “Albert”

Graham & Alida Bell                                                                   1948 Pilot “Bonnie”

Darryl Bourke                                                                              1948 Bentley Mk V1 drophead

Allan Boyd & Chris Hillbrick-Boyd                                              1954 Morris Minor

Tony & Christine Brown                                                              1955 Ford Prefect

Percy Butt                                                                                   1958 VW Beetle

Alex Carter                                                                                  1964 EH Holden

James Corbett                                                                              1966 Mustang

John Corbett                                                                                1968 Mini Minor

Ronda Cornwell                                                                           1969 Jensen Interceptor

Joe Dacruz                                                                                   1969 Mercedes 250

Chris Forsey                                                                                 1971 VW Superbug “Ringo”

Ros Hatch & Tracy Spratford                                                       1972 WY GT Falcon

Jimmy & Lyn Howard                                                                  1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

Phil James & Dana Cheeseman                                                   1974 XJ6 Jaguar

John Kaczmarek                                                                           1975 JGS Ford XB Coupe

Bruce McCarron                                                                           1976 Triumph 2500TC

Marshall McCarron                                                                       1977 HX Holden truck

Russell McKinlay                                                                          1977 Toyota Corolla

Krystyna McLeish                                                                          1978 Mercedes 450 SLC

Ray & Barbara Malam                                                                   1979 911 Porsche

Frank Naattuk                                                                                1984 BMW 323i

Albert Neuss                                                                                  1986 Toyota Cressida

Lawrie & Jane Nock                                                                       1986 Mazda T3500

Ian & Tina Oliver                                                                           1987 XF Falcon

Malcolm & Hazel Roxburgh                                                           280SE Mercedes

Geoff & Jeanette Rudd

Phil Selmes

Hugh Spencer & Bev Lang

Barry Stewart

Brian Thomas

John Thomas

David & Lynette Torrich-Barton

Joe & Maureen Vavra

Max’s family:

Steve Gegg


Michelle Howard

Lani & Analise (nieces)

 At the end of the Day


I speak about Max here, I trust, to him a fitting verse, 
Of family, friends, sayings and interests diverse.
A fitting picture of his life I wish to here convey. 
I trust well received “At the end of the Day”.
He was an honest mate, a friend, not leading one astray.
At the end of each sentence was often heard uttered a “Hey!”.
Stories of his rich life, to listen to was nice.
A lesson, an experience or advice at no price.
Love for his family was a two-way street.
A more nicer lot you could ever care to meet.
Awesome Poppy to his grandkids, him they’ll surely miss.
Each time that they would visit, to Max was just bliss.
STHARC his car club and members he would always support.
Car tales, experiences, travels and
“a Long Story Short” 
He enjoyed organising weekend trips or a run to the Bay.
Wherever he took us we were sure to have fun. Hey!
He loved collecting all, from mowers, radios and cars.
Time spent restoring and collecting but avoiding the bars.
Hot Rod, Holden, Ford, Dodge, BMC and more, that’s no joke
But “At the end of the Day” Max’s favourite was his blue Moke.
Maree and Max loved Caravanning and travelled the big block.
Gone for months, worried they wouldn’t return to the flock.
Max loved old vans too, a restored one was on its way,
Time and other interests “that’s a Story for Another Day”
An incredibly broad network of community fiends he had.
Well known around Queanbeyan and a respected lad.
From the Mayor to the tradesmen they knew him well
Sure, if you asked them, they’d all say he was swell.
Max, we mourn you’re passing but celebrate having known you.
We are richer for the experience because you were true blue.
“A Long Story Short” and “At the End of the Day”
God Bless you and Keep you, Max. And Thank you “Hey!”
By Joe Vavra

Photos from Wheel 2020 1st March 2020 from Tony and Christine Brown
Photos from Wheel 2020 1st March 2020 from Malcolm Roxburgh