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Club Events For 2018

Here you will find some information and additional  photos, too numerous for The Wheel, of recent club outings, so you can relive the experience or see what you missed.

Saturday 24 November 2018 Braidwood Auto Club display at the Airing of the Quilts 

written by Allan Boyd  photos by Tony Brown

Following a cold windy day on Friday in Queanbeyan, Saturday morning was a vast improvement  with bright sunshine and virtually no wind, so I ventured off to Braidwood with a classic motorcycle in my trailer. I arrived in Braidwood about 9.30am.

I unloaded the bike and rode up to where the vehicle display was held, parked my 1949 Ariel with two other bikes, then I noticed the Brown’s Mustang and David and Elise’s VW Beetle, representing STHARC. Later in the morning we all caught up for a chat that included Malcolm Roxburgh who had driven over in a modern car. Malcolm said Hazel was “quilting” so I did not get to see her.

Among the 43 vehicles and 3 motorbikes on display, there were some interesting vehicles: some immaculate restorations and many “lovely originals”. Examples were a Jaguar XK150, an early Porsche 356, and a later Porsche 911E, 1951 Riley, seven MGs A & B’s, two VW Beetles and one Kombi. The Stationery Engine, Antique Tractors and Machinery Club of Moruya had six working stationery engines on show also.

Away from the motor vehicles, the adjoining Ryrie Park was busy with stallholders and buyers, and the main street was busy with people viewing the hanging quilts and crafty shops. STHARC’s Elise could not resist, “I bought a quilt” she quipped.

Thanks to the Braidwood Auto Club for organising the vehicle display and providing delicious home-made goodies for morning tea – absolutely irresistible, so I gave in without a whimper!!

Roll Call:

Tony Brown                           1966 Ford Mustang

David & Elise                        1958 VW Beetle

Allan Boyd                             1949 Ariel motorbike

Malcolm & Hazel Roxburgh              modern

Wednesday 14 November 2018 Mid-Week run to Goodwin Lifestyle Retirement Village, Monash ACT

Even the best made plans go wrong and this event was no exception. It was a miserably wet day and many STHARC members chose not to dirty their clean classic vehicles and brought their moderns or did not attend at all.

Six vehicles left the Guides Hall and travelled to Monash and, as arranged previously, our Goodwin contact Melissa Sims had parking arranged at the rear of the Community Building. Lawrie Nock was already there with the Bentley. We had the three classic cars to show off to some of the senior residents who braved the wet conditions to view our vehicles, and for some to walk down memory lane. The Bentley attracted much attention as many of the residents had not seen a Bentley up close.

The STHARC members soon retreated to the cover of Barry and Judy Davis’ residence to view Judy’s collection of dolls and quilting, and Barry’s workshop, woodworking and model cars, with much viewing and chatting. Nitro, the dog, also claimed his right to attention and received it.

We then adjourned to the Village’s cafe where we all enjoyed a light lunch and drinks and an opportunity to chat with some of the residents. (As it is an over 60’s village, many of the residents were not much older than ourselves.) With good food, drinks and personal service it was an enjoyable visit with Barry and Judy. By now it was 12.30pm and time to depart to make room for more customers at the cafe.

Chris and I made a quick exit to home as we were leaving immediately for Geelong for a family funeral early next morning.

Thank you to our STHARC members who braved the weather for this run and visit with Barry and Judy who very much appreciated seeing us and catching up.

Roll Call:

Lawrie Nock                            1960 Bentley S2

Allan Boyd & Chris HB           1971 VW Beetle “Ringo”

Max DeOliver                          VH Commodore

Rhonda Winnett & Ronda Cornwell

Krys McLeish

Ray Malam

Graham Bates

Classic Yass Saturday 3rd November 2018

They keep doing it so well.  This year we were treated to nice weather responsibility for which Yass Antique Motor Club made no claims and a feast of motoring heritage.  Testimony to just how well the event represents motoring enthusiasts was the statistics revealed in the summing up.  Well in excess of 300 vehicle from more than 50 different marques displayed by owners from about 90 different post codes spread across eastern Australia and a similar number of different car clubs.

There were only a few STHARC members seen at the event but those who turned up had a great event to enjoy.  Jane and I took Fleurette the 1939 Packard and were delighted to be parked with members of the Packard Car Club from along the eastern seaboard and neighbouring Goulburn.  For a marque of such limited numbers of vehicles, the representation was disproportional but impressive.

It was pointed out by one regular participant that one feature of Classic Yass is that one sees so many vehicles which are not seen at any of the ACT events.  Another interesting feature is the layout of the display which has vehicles displayed in period groups as opposed to marque.  The ability to easily examine the features of different marques produced during a similar period provides an opportunity not usually available at typical motoring displays.

Congratulations to the Yass team who put together such an enjoyable outing and thanks to the sponsors who support their efforts.

Roll call

Lawrie and Jane Nock                                     1939 Packard 120

Brian Thomas and Wilson                             1964 EH Holden

Kenny and Kay Carrat                                     1966 HR Holden ute

Paul Cunneen                                                    1936 Ford

Ian and Rosemary Pyett visiting

CHMC Half Yearly get together at the Queanbeyan Bowling Club Friday 26th October 2018 prior to Saturday’s meeting

Ladies Morning Tea – Friday, 28 September 2018

The views from Red Hill Lookout and the Coffee N Beans Café were perfect on a very clear and sunny morning. We had seven ladies in attendance and there was non-stop laughter, chatter and catching up amongst us all.

I’m not sure whether we would all agree that the change of ownership of this café has been to its advantage, however, we all enjoyed each other’s company and look forward to our next gathering.

Attendees: Ronda Cornwell, Barbara Malam, Jane Nock, Chris Hillbrick-Boyd, Hazel Roxburgh, Christine Brown, and visitor Sandra Harwood.

Apologies: Nancy-Lea Legge

Our NOVEMBER morning tea will be held at 10am on Friday, 30 November at Pollen Café, Australian National Botanic Gardens. Parking fees apply. This will be our final morning tea for 2018.

As this is a popular venue, it would really assist if you could notify me of your attendance, by phone or SMS on 0412 442 623 before 23 November. Many thanks, Christine.

Sunday 23 September 2018 ElectroPlating Technology (EPT) Visit

Report by Allan Boyd

I collected the STHARC BBQ trailer on Friday from the Malam’s in Wamboin and brought it home to do a quick check up that everything needed was available – I restocked some of the perishable items and included the BBQ food ready for Sunday. On Saturday I drove the STHARC BBQ trailer to the EPT workshop where it was parked in readiness for the next day.

This event was planned many months ago, however was considered not suitable for the winter months, so it was delayed. I woke up Sunday to a wonderful Spring Day: clear blue sky with a top of 20o and no wind.

On arrival at EPT Shane and Greg were ready for the STHARC members to take them on a technical tour of their factory, demonstrating how the preparation and chroming process is achieved.

There were about 12 STHARC members on the tour group who were very impressed with the demonstrations and the technical talk. Also, we had two visitors, Stan and Rhonda, from the Bega Heritage Motor Club who I had met at the Queanbeyan Swap and invited them along as they were back in Queanbeyan for the All Holden Day. A surprise visitor was Pat Smith, an early STHARC member, who had moved to Cairns a few years ago but some months back moved south and now lives in Goulburn.

The BBQ was popular; some members had brought their own food to cook, others shared our STHARC contribution, Barbara had made some home-made slices.

A group of 3 ladies were quite happy to find a shady spot in the carpark to crochet and talk.

By 1pm it was time to clean up the BBQ and re-pack the trailer. Most members had drifted off by 1.30pm. In all an interesting day with warm weather, and a huge thank you to Shane and Greg from EPT.


Tony Brown                            1966 Mustang

Max DeOliver                         1981 Commodore

James Corbett                          Ford Pilot blue

John Corbett                            Ford Pilot white

Ray & Barbara Malam            1974 Jag XJ6

John Thomas                           1940 Chev Ute

Brian Thomas                          1984 BMW

Chris Hillbrick-Boyd              1971 VW Beetle “Ringo”

Joe & Maureen Vavra             modern

Geoff Rudd                             modern

Dave Arton                              modern BMW motorcycle

Allan Boyd                             modern + STHARC BBQ trailer

Visitors:  Stan Arnts & Rhonda Leggett, Bega HMC, Pat Smith

Hosts:  Shane and Greg, EPT

Saturday 15 September 2018 Queanbeyan Swap Meet

by Allan Boyd

As arranged I took the STHARC gazebos and other equipment in our VW van “the Green Dragon” to the Queanbeyan Showground at 7am on Saturday morning to our allocated sites, Nos 350 & 351.

These sites were along the fenceline of the main oval not far from the grandstand, with at least some surrounding grass. Tony Brown was already there ready to help set up; soon after Alex Carter arrived to help set up with his attractive Porsch for display. We quickly set up the site. Ian Robinson arrived with his lovely VW Beetle convertible. Both the Porsch and Beetle attracted a lot of interest. Later I took the Green Dragon home and returned riding my rather rare Aermacchi/Harley Davidson motorbike and Tony Brown went and brought back his beautiful Mustang – both were put on display and attracted many lookers.

The number of lookers was building up but so were the clouds and accompanying strong wind gusts that threatened the many stall holders’ tents and gazebos. Although we had a steady flow in interested people in the STHARC display, the wind worsened, so we decided to pull down our display at about lunchtime. Thank you to the pull down crew.

Several other STHARC members called in for a chat during the morning; see the roll call.


Tony Brown, Alex Carter, Ian Robinson, Allan Boyd, Paul Anderson, Brian Thomas, John Corbett,

Jeff Gill, Maree Burke.

STHARC – 2018 Awards Presentation Dinner

The Max de Oliver events machine cranked into action for this event.  Having missed out on a formal presentation in 2017 due to having no Events Director Max was determined to overcome the inertia.

The destination chosen was the Golden Age Motel in McQuoid Street Queanbeyan which had hosted an event which we recently shared with the visiting Shepperton group.  The hosts put on an impressive buffet style dinner with sea food, roast, vegetables and salad and an impressive lineup of desserts.  More than 40 club members signed up to attend but due to health and other complications some members had to miss out.  Sorry you missed a good night out.

Geoff Rudd acted as master of ceremonies for the presentations but had to hand over to Max when it came time to receive his award.  The committee had taken advantage of the President’s absence from a meeting to determine that he should be an award recipient.  The Editor was another recipient who did not want the recognition.  The Committee respected her desire to be excluded from consideration for awards but when it came to the Club Person of the Year determined by club members, her wishes were not within the power of the Committee to grant.

The presentation of awards included a couple of surprises for the recipients.  The citations for the awards are attached for those interested in such things.

Lucky door prizes were also drawn for several lucky members.


STHARC 2018 awards presentation

1              President’s Choice in 2018 (Sponsored by Motor Spares) awarded by Geoff Rudd to Ronda Cornwell

I have decided to make the President’s Award to Ronda Cornwall.  Ronda and her late husband John have done a great many things for our Club over a great many years. I think Ronda, especially, deserves an award as she continued to organize printed labels and stamps for the mailing of the Wheel last year, even during the period of John’s passing and her own hospitalization. She has hosted the Publishing Committee at her home every month for quite a number of years.

2              Editor’s Choice in 2018 (sponsored by Lion Batteries) awarded by Rosemary Thomas to Malcolm Roxburgh

The Editor’s Choice is Malcolm Roxburgh. Without his input the magazine would not be as informative as it is. He sends articles as well as calendar regularly. I know he is committee but he should be recognized for all the input he gives me.

3              Going the Extra Mile (sponsored by STHARC) awarded to Geoff Rudd and presented by Max de Oliver

When the club was unable to find anyone prepared to accept the role of President one member came forward reluctantly offering his services.  Geoff has a long history of service to organizations of which he has been a member including STHARC, where he has been a contributor to club activities over many years.   He pointed out to the Committee that he is a significantly senior citizen and the role of President for a club should really rest in the hands of people with fewer decades of experience behind them.  The Committee greatly appreciated the generous offer Geoff made to help the club in a time of need.  Thank you, Geoff.

4              Restoration of the year 2018 (sponsored by Electroplating Technology) awarded to Ian Pyett for his Singer Gazelle

STHARC members have not been producers of significant numbers of restorations over recent years.  Those which have been completed have tended to be personal effort jobs to a high standard.  This club year one of our persistent restorers came forward with yet another quality restoration of a marque which sadly has disappeared from our markets.  The restored Singer Gazelle for which this award is presented this year can be proudly displayed as part of our membership garage.

5              Commitment Award 2018 (sponsored by Summit Health Physio Australia) and as determined by the Committee (not Peta herself) presented by Peta Roxburgh and awarded to Hazel Roxburgh

Behind most of what happens for the club there are several people and many of these people are the same one’s year after year.  Hazel is seldom seen in the glare of the spotlights but without her and others like her who do so much of the hard work, events such as the Christmas Party which is the best attended club event each year, would not happen.

6              Most Attendance 2018 (sponsored by Seiffert Automotive) and Most Attendance Perpetual Trophy) presented by Geoff Rudd on behalf of Albert Neuss to Christine Brown.

In previous years it has been a relatively simple task to look at meeting attendance records and reports in the Wheel of club events to identify who has attended the most events.  The identification of the winner of the Most Attendance Award for 2018 was complicated by the fact that so many of the club events during the year went unreported.  The Wheel and our website are STHARC’s communication channels but the Editor and the Webmaster cannot be expected to produce the reports as well as arranging for them to be published.  Please think about your heritage motoring outings whether in your club car or otherwise.  Discuss with other members in attendance who can make the effort to provide for other members a record of the event.   The report doesn’t need to be a lengthy one.

7              Club Person of the Year 2018 (sponsored by Gary and Ros Hatch) and the Allan Claude Amey Memorial Shield for Club Person of the Year presented by Geoff Rudd to Rosemary Thomas

There are numerous members of the club who deserve consideration for this award for their efforts towards the success of events, their contribution of great quality companionship or knowledge to other members or other efforts they make in being a part of our club.  STHARC has an increasing number of members who we seldom and in some cases never see at any club events.  The Committee has discussed this issue on several occasions.  While we would like to see more of our members more often, it is understood that for some, merely maintaining the old vehicle requires a major time sacrifice and more is just not possible.  The link between those of us who can participate in club activities and those with less ability to do so is the communication of club activities through The Wheel.  It is for too many members, the only link to club activities.  The Editor has a big job every month to pull together and arrange for publication of an informative newsletter.  The content is only as good as members provide but without the Editor it won’t be shared with the members.

Rosemary has shuffled a busy schedule looking after the needs of other organizations in addition to STHARC and has kept our members informed about their club.  Support for the award of Club Person of the Year includes recognition of the importance of this background contribution by members who have never even met her but rely on her efforts for their information about their club.

Rosemary Thomas has been voted by members to be Club Person of the Year in 2018

Shannons Wheels Sunday 4th March 2018

The annual Shannons Wheels vehicle show was held on the Queanbeyan Showground Sunday 4 March 2018. Entry by gold coin donation and proceeds to Technology for Ageing and Disability (ACT) Incorporated (TADACT) which make and alter equipment to aid older people and people with disabilities. The Council Mayor, Councillor Tim Overall, and his wife Nichole, were picked, packed and paraded in the Nocks RR Corniche, and presented trophies for the Gentleman’s and Ladies Choice awards. Said to have been around 800 vehicles on display from vintage, veteran, classic, historic, modified vehicles, and motor cycles. 1st time in Queanbeyan.   Photos and text David  Buckley.

STHARC at Summernats Sunday 7th Jan 2018

David  Buckley:
Scorching hot day (nearly 40oC), free for family day STHARC (car, driver and 1 pax), NOISE, gorgeous cars, historic cars, crazy cars, smoke, hot rods, over blown KRAZEE Kars, Horsepower, burning rubber, dagwood dogs, etc. All boxes ticked. I enjoyed and so did Lady the 1940 Mercury Eight “