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Here you will find some information and additional  photos, too numerous for The Wheel, of recent club outings, so you can relive the experience or see what you missed.

Club Events For 2017

Sunday 18th June 2017 Battle of Waterloo – Queanbeyan Park

18 June is an important date in the history of footwear and alcohol manufacture.  On Sunday 18 June in 1815 three famous names of industry came together in infamous circumstances.  The footwear manufacturers from England and Germany for some reason did not like the French spirits producer and had become engaged in a very serious conflict.  It is a little bewildering that having failed to dominate in the dispute, the French spirits manufacturer is the one who is best remembered and holds the premium status in the commercial world.

The French brandy tycoon Napoleon was pitted against the German boot maker Blucher and the English wet weather boot specialist, Wellington.  The outcome of the contest may have been to some extent predetermined by the overnight wet weather.  The French side may have spent too much of the night indoors, out of the rain imbibing.  The English and German opponents equipped with famous footwear had an added advantage on the battle field.

This commercial contest has been recorded in history as the Battle of Waterloo.  The role of the German and other forces in the event is often forgotten or disregarded and the event is remembered, especially by the British as a great British victory.  In the Capital Region of Australia the event has for many years been celebrated by motoring enthusiasts by re-enactments.  Fortunately, on most occasions the celebrations have not been hampered by the heavy overnight rain which preceded the original event.  The year 2017 was extremely special.

In most years the celebration of the Battle of Waterloo is scheduled for a Sunday mid June.   Owners of French and British marque vehicles meet at a designated site with a view to reconsideration of the outcome of the original event.  At midday the country of origin with the majority of vehicles present is declared the winner.  In 2017 the event was held on Sunday 18 June.  The predetermined site was the beautiful tree endowed grounds of Queanbeyan Park.

The opposing forces arrived on site and took their positions.  The British forces had an early arriving undercover operator park his Jaguar inside the French lines and disappear.  A later arrival Morgan managed to secure a position behind French lines.  Both vehicles were seen and commented on by Napoleon longlegs from the house of Peugot.  It was not possible to locate the spies involved and they were therefore not executed.

STHARC was well represented at the event.  Lady Jane’s Bentley was used to camouflage over 200 cavalry horses.  Their presence was proven by a deposit left on the drip tray beneath the engine.  This was pointed out to Napoleon longlegs and it is thought that this may have helped, along with being outnumbered about 3 – 1 in the French surrender.

A beautiful winter’s day and a great introduction to the site for many motoring enthusiasts who had not previously experienced Queanbeyan Park as a venue.  Thank you to the Peugot club for yet another great outing and to QPRC for being such accommodating hosts.

Roll call

Peter and Ann Toet 1935 Rolls Royce Phantom II:  Paul Cunneen 1937 Ford Y: Charlie Adams Austin 7:  Allan Boyd 1949 Ariel Red Hunter: David Torricke-Barton 1953 Morris Minor: Colin McNally 1954 MG TF:  Lawrie and Jane Nock 1960 Bentley S2:  Joe and Maureen Vavra 1964 Austin Vanden Plas:  Max and Maree De Oliver Mini Moke: Ray Malam 1976 Jaguar: Chris Forsey Aston Martin:

And attendees sans cars:  Tony and Christine Brown, David Arton, Russell McKinlay, Chris Boyd, Ian and Robyn Robinson

National Motoring Heritage Day – Sunday 21 May 2017

Maybe photos to follow
In 2015, STHARC arranged with Canberra Antique and Classic to share the arrangement of the NMHD Capital Region run. The plans made in 2015 fell over in 2016 so it was given another try in 2017. The route for the run took participants from Canberra Hospital via Parliament House, Civic and Dickson to Queanbeyan then back to EPIC for the Shannons Cars, Bikes ‘n’ Coffee morning.
17 cars set out from the Woden start and a further 7 joined in the run at Dickson and Queanbeyan. At least 4 other cars owned by STHARC or CACMC members attended the Shannons event making a total of over 30 cars from the two clubs involved in NHMD.
There was a misunderstanding about to pick up point in Dickson and the Shannons event had no coffee due to a power problem at the Kurangai pavilion at EPIC. The magnificent weather compensated for the lesser problems.
Roll call for the run
Bob & Dana Garrett 1929 Hudson: Phil Donaghue 1929 Durant: Paul Cunneen 1939 Plymouth: Brian McKay 1948 Plymouth Coupe: Alec McKernan 1951 Lagonda: Lawrie Nock 1953 Packard Clipper: John Lister 1953 FJ Holden ute:   Darron & Janella Kavanagh 1957 Ford Thunderbird: David & Alicia Arton 1958 VW Beetle: Jack Press 1958 FC Holden: Tony & Christine Brown 1966 Mustang: John Senior 1967 Humber Super Snipe: Phil Cancillier 1970 Buick La Sabre: David Wyatt 1971 Ford Fairlane: Ray & Anne Gallagher 1972 Austin 3 litre: Graham Bigg & Dulcie 1975 BMW 520: John Kaczmarek 1975 JGS Ford Falcon: Ken & Janette Walker Austin A40 Sport: Brian Thomas 1964 Holden EH: Chris and Irene Beryl 1964 Humber Vogue Estate: Allan Martin & Norman Brennan 1965 Rover 3500: Jane Nock 1960 S2 Bentley: Michael Katanzariti 1969 Holden HK Monaro; Dave Rogers Triumph TR6;
Also at EPIC
Peter & Anne Toet 1935 Phantom II RollsRoyce:    Simon & Jantje Brown 1932 Model A Rod
Josie Brown 1958 VW Karman Ghia:    Chris Forsey Rover 90:   Helen Phillips 1967 Holden HR:

STHARC Visit to Historical Bedervale Braidwood – 6th May 2017

Majura Park STHARC Display – 25th March 2017

Wheels – Sunday 12th March 2017

STHARC Social Dinner at Burns Club 9th March 2017