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Here you will find some information and additional  photos, too numerous for The Wheel, of recent club outings, so you can relive the experience or see what you missed.

Club Events For 2016

Braidwood Airing of the quilts and Car Show – Saturday 26th November 2016

Marques in the Park – Sunday 30th October 2016

Photos thanks to Chris Forsey

STHARC Mid Week Run to Bungendore – Wednesday 14th September 2016

Battle of Waterloo – Canberra – 4th September 2016

Wet weather in June delayed holding of the annual Battle of Waterloo – French/British car display until 4th September.  Further rain in the lead up to the event also required a last minute venue change from Weston Park to Tidbinbilla.  A bright day dawned and about 60+ vehicles put on a great show at the Tidbinbilla Tracking Station near Canberra  In terms of numbers, the British side were slightly ahead in terms of overall numbers and won the battle!

This particular event has a nice intimate feel where the cars are not parked in club groups but instead are intermingled.  Good showings from the French Renault, Peugeot and Citroen clubs were matched with representative vehicles predominantly from Mini, MG, Armstrong Siddeley, Jaguar and Rover.  Other marques included Rolls Royce, Lotus, Lagonda and (my) Jensen, to name but a few.

Chris Forsey Googong NSW

STHARC Observation Run to Sutton and Gundaroo – 28th August 2016

This event was scheduled as an observation run.  Time got the better of us so the functioning of the run was changed but the name remained unchanged.

Members arriving at the club house observed that there were other club members present.  The convoy participants then had the opportunity to observe the countryside as they headed out along Sutton Road to Sutton village where by observation they were able to locate a bakery where once there was none.

Inside the premises, the Baker at Sutton had a line-up of treats for club members to observe.  Some were not satisfied to observe and sampled the wares.  The group grew as additional members arrived.  Outside the premises in the car park there was another observation to be made.  In times past for VW to have won the day on numbers would have required the Karmann Ghia and Ringo to turn up for a run with not many others. Not merely a third VW present but another from the VW stable to accompany them.  You may scoff but Bentley now comes out of the VW stable so there were sort of 4 VWs there – not many observed that.

Eventually most of the participants decided to head off to Gundaroo to observe the situation there.  Those with local knowledge were able to point participants to a difficult to observe Friendly Grocer store off the main street.  Observant members found a take away at the rear of the shop.  Fish and chips was the main order for the day.  The less hardy stayed in the store to eat while the more adventurous headed off to the Gundaroo Oval to picnic or observe the buildings in the main street of Gundaroo.

The blue skies remained visible throughout the day.  The only problem was that they seemed to be somewhere over Murrumbateman or Yass.  The very brief ray of sunshine was very welcome but too short lived.   No-one seemed to be interested in taking the dirt road observation of Lake George so Jane invited the not too observant home for a cuppa.  Condition of entry was not observing the state of the housework.

About 15 members took afternoon tea courtesy of Jane and spent a lazy hour or so relaxing.  Not wishing to test the kangaroo observation skills any more than absolutely essential everyone was back in the cars and headed home by 4.00pm.

Roll call

Albert Neuss and Pauline Campbell Mercury Ute                Garry and Ros Hatch  Ford Prefect           Dave Arton and Alicia Tipping  1958 VW Beetle                               Graeme Bates   Ford Mainline ute              Joe and Maureen Vavra  Austin Princess                               Ian and Ros Pyett  Sunbeam Rapier      Lawrie and Jane  1960 Bentley S2                                                  Gary and Fran Wilkins  1962 Valiant S     Allan & Chris       1971 VW beetle “Ringo”                               Bob and Kate 1980 Toyota Celica                      Brian and Benita Thomas  1984 BMW                                       John & Ronda Cornwell modern                Troy McLeish   modern

 STHARC Mid-Week Run to Binalong Car Museum Thursday 18th August 2016

Another good one thanks John.  A beautiful morning for doing just about anything.  We went to Binalong. 

A visit to inspect Stuart Saunders motor museum at Binalong has been a long time coming for some of us.  On many occasions when I have passed through Binalong I have wanted to see what this museum had in store.  On a number of occasions I have even made the detour as far as the front gate to see whether it was open but to no avail.  The mid-week run fulfilled a long held desire.

Some members met at Queanbeyan.  “The Red Baron” as we have decided to call the latest acquisition, joined in the convoy with the fly past pick up at Sutton.  More members gathered at Murrumbateman.  From Murrumbateman a total of 12 cars travelled without incident to Binalong where the first port of call was Stuart Saunders’ motor museum.    We were met at the museum by our host and several members of the Young Club who had taken up our invitation to join us for the visit and lunch.

Before he could even get into the museum proper, Hugh went off with one of the Young club members to recover the Austin 1800 and bring it back to the museum in disgrace.

The museum is not a large one but holds an interesting collection of vehicles.  Notable was a dray parked outside the main entrance which appeared to be powered by a Rolls-Royce Meteor engine, a scale model Flying Scot railway locomotive and a scaled down Ferrari V12 block engine.  In the workshop we discovered a type 43 Bugatti and a 1920s Delage.  The Delage was flanked by what one of our members described as a basket case wickerwork body on one side and a straight 8 Packard engine in the process of being rebuilt on the other.

In the main part of the museum, the MAB powered by a 27 litre Lycombing engine remains a very impressive beast and dwarfs all of the other cars and exhibits.  A couple of members were observed trying to work out how to spirit the Bolwell Nagari away but they were not successful.

After an interest packed tour the group headed for the local pub for what had been promised to be an enjoyable meal.  By the time Hugh returned most of the group were ready for lunch and had started heading off to the pub. 

Lunch in the beer garden was a pleasant social affair supported by plenty of good food.  The turnout of club members was once again exceptional.  The destination did not fail to impress.

Roll Call

Albert Neuss      1941 Chrysler                    Graeme Bates   1953 Ford Mainline ute

Lawrie & Jane Nock         1953 Packard Clipper “The Red Baron” maiden run

Geoff Rudd          Chrysler Valiant               Bob Fulthorpe  Toyota Celica

Ray & Barbara Malam    Jaguar XJ6           John & (his father) Kaczmarek  JGS Ford coupe

Moderns:  Ronda and John Cornwell, Brian and Benita Thomas, David and Gill Buckley, Hugh Spencer and Bev Lang, Pauline Campbell and Guests from Young

STHARC Presentation Night 23rd July 2016

STHARC at Driver Reviver 3rd July 2016

STHARC Mid Week Run to Crookwell Sock Factory Thursday 16th June 2016

Shannons’ Cars, Bikes and Coffee.  Alpha Hotel Tuggeranong.  Sunday 22nd May 2016

STHARC Picnic Lunch at Beltana Park Googong. Saturday 7th May 2016

Photos Pam Corbett
Lunch at Beltana Park, Googong – Saturday 7 May 2016 from Jane Nock
Perfect Weather, Great BBQ Facilities at Googong and a fantastic playground for the littlies, along with a terrific roll up of Stharc Members made this a memorable event.  Thank you to Alicia Tipping and Dave Arton who suggested and co-ordinated it. 
Present were Lawrie & Jane Nock 1948 Packard, “Wally”; John Kaczmarek 1975 Ford Falcon JGS; Paul Cunneen 2009 Honda Motor Bike; John & Pam Corbett 1948 Ford Pilot “Albert”; Rhonda Winnett & Liz Gough 1968 Austin Cambridge; Albert Neuss & Pauline Campbell 1946 Ford Mercury; John & Ronda Cornwell 1974 Mercedes; Russell, Kerrie, Sophie & Jessica McKinlay 1969 Toyota Corona; Alicia Tipping & Dave Arton 1958 Beetle; Jeff Knight 66 VW Kombi (maiden run); Max De Oliver & Maree Burke Commodore; Melissa, Terry & Annabelle McGlishan 1924 International Truck “Polly” and Craig Harris who came along in “Myrtle” the 1959 Morris Minor 1000.
Dinner at the Tourist Hotel – 5 May 2016 from Jane Nock
Albert Neuss & Pauline Campbell, Graham Bates, Kay & Kenny Carratt, Rhonda Winnett, Ronda & John Cornwell, Alicia Tipping, Dave Arton & Visitor Andria, Maree Burke & Max De Oliver, Jeanette & Geoff Rudd, Maureen & Joe Vavra with apologies from David Buckley.
 Collector Pumpkin Festival, Sunday 1 May 2016 from Jane Nock
A few hardy souls from Stharc braved the elements to attend this annual event and survived lashing rain and wind.  All things related to Pumpkins were the order of the day and Lawrie  enjoyed the re-enactment of the robbing of the Cobb & Co Coach by Ben Hall and his bushrangers.  Lots of stalls and a few bargains were had.  Great to have Nathan Guinness, Shannan Forrest, Teagan & Aidan join us (maiden run for the Mercedes which misbehaved slightly on arrival, refusing to proceed).  Ronda & John Cornwell’s Mercedes behaved very well, as did Albert Neuss’s Chrysler Windsor with Pauline Campbell & Jimmy, and even the Bentley Coupe with Lawrie & Jane Nock. 
Afternoon Tea with Ian on Saturday, 30 April 2016 from Jane Nock
18 car club members enjoyed afternoon tea with Ian and Krys at Queanbeyan Hospital – not quite the setting we had planned but unfortunately Ian couldn’t get a leave pass for the afternoon.  We wish him a speedy return home. 
Roll Call – Ian & Krys McLeish, Max de Oliver, Maree Burke, Belinda Hogarth-Boyd, Geoff & Jeanette Rudd, Lawrie & Jane Nock, Col Hill, David & Gill Buckley, Ray & Barbara Malam, Ronda & John Cornwell, Larry Renshaw, Troy McLeish, Alan Boyd, Chris Hillbrick-Boyd

STHARC Mid Week Run to Snowy Mountain Hydro Discovery Centre 21st April Cooma

Haulin’ the Hume 16th & 17th April 2016

Wheels of Wamboin Saturday 16th April 2016

Wakefield Parkway 13th April 2016

Junee Swap Meet 3rd April 2016

Chryslers on the Murray 18th, 19th and 20th March 2016

Harden Truck and Tractor Show 20th March 2016

Laggan Pub Car Show 27th February 2016