1910 Delage found but the Tilta-trailer is still missing

Hi everyone,

Apologies if you’ve already been told about this, but as the owner is an acquaintance of mine, a noted veteran car enthusiast and the RACV Liaison Officer to the historic vehicle movement – Daryl Meek, I’m forwarding this around to my contacts.

Daryl and his partner Fiona had their 1910 Delage and Tilta-trailer stolen last Saturday night. Some notices about the theft are already on Facebook and are getting sent around through some clubs but as many eyes and ears as possible on the alert for the vehicle and/or trailer will help please widely distribute this email and photos to anyone involved in historic vehicles as well as family and friends, as who knows where the car and trailer are in Australia by now, but someone might spot it? The trailer is quite distinct – it does not have ramps, it tilts.

Thanks         Jenny

Details from Fiona and Darryl: Sometime between 6pm last night and 6am this morning, our 1910 Delage Model F Roadster was stolen from Tullamarine along with the trailer it was loaded on. Police have been notified and advised that the best thing to do was to get the message out to as many as possible, as soon as possible exception.
We can only hope that the thief’s interest was in the trailer and the car will be left somewhere undamaged. Please feel free to repost or resend as you see fit. Further information available at http://www.vicpolicenews.com.au/news/9676-villian-steals-vintage-vehicle.html Any information would be greatly appreciated. Contact: Broadmeadows Police on 9302 8222 Many thanks, Daryl

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