At the May general meeting it was decided to hold an awards evening one Saturday night in July 2018. Not a big dress up, but a sports coat and tie for the gents and equivalent dress for the ladies would add to the occasion.

We will have a separate function room, so awards presentation does not have to compete with poker machines or the Saturday night dance band.

With a max seating of 80, we are looking at getting 50 to 80 members and guests. We usually get around 50 members and guests. This year the tickets will have to be paid for by the July general meeting at the latest. There will be no door sales of tickets. No tickets no entry.

The meal will be a smorgasbord at $30 per person. Tickets will be available for sale at the June general meeting.

We will have the usual lucky door prizes, raffles and of course the presentation of the STHARC Awards.

If you have any ideas etc. for the STHARC Awards Night, please feel free to contact the Events Director (Max De Oliver) on 0429 977 763.