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Vehicle lay out plan for Shannons Wheels 2020 at Queanbeyan Showground



Shannons Wheels 2020 1st March 2020

Newsletter No2

Dear Motoring Enthusiast Club

STHARC has advanced its planning for the 2020 event.

The display will be open to the public from 10.00 am until 1.00 pm.  The grounds are available to WHEELS until later in the day.  Nominally we are planning the event for the 5 hours from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Exhibitors will not be able to remove their vehicles from the display area prior to 1.00 pm unless they have made arrangements with the parking marshals responsible for the arena area.  This is necessary to meet a reasonable expectation by visitors that the display will be in place during the opening hours and also for public safety considerations.  Exhibitors who are unwilling to have their vehicle on display for a minimum of 3 hours should plan to do something else on the day.

We now have a draft layout (explained below) for the display day at the Queanbeyan Showground.  This is very much a draft layout because only a few of the CACTMC affiliated clubs have provided any indication of their intentions for 2020.  STHARC appreciates that five months out from the event it is not unreasonable that clubs are yet to focus on this issue but need to do so now.

However, after the October monthly meeting of the CACTMC there will be only very limited opportunities for anything relating to the event to be considered at a CACTMC meeting.  It may be difficult to communicate with most people, clubs and organizations due to the fact that late November and most of December and January are effectively lost to the festive season.  In addition, the February CACTMC meeting will be held less than 2 weeks before the event.

STHARC’s draft plans for the event are set out in the attached documents.  We have prepared a draft layout based on what we consider to be best available information.  Should there be some reasons for varying from this layout in time for us to redraft a layout before the November CACTMC meeting changes are going to be difficult to manage. So, we ask clubs to make it a priority to confirm the suitability of their allocated space. If your club is missing from the list or does not intend to attend then indeed, we need to know ASAP.

STHARC appreciates that these documents will be circulated by email, by the CACTMC, to affiliated clubs as soon as possible and give STHARC sufficient time to make any requested changes by clubs or CACTMC.

Draft Showground Layout

We have consolidated marque clubs into country of origin groupings.  Unless we hear to the contrary, we will expect clubs sharing an area to sort out between themselves the allocation of space in the designated location.

The site has been drawn up as a set of 12-metre-deep blocks either side of a 6-metre-centre aisle.  This is much the same as for 2019.  The suggestion that clubs set out their vehicles in displays rather than Woolworths parking lot configuration will require some modifications.

The central aisle and a 6 metre perimeter clear zone between the outer fence and the displays will be necessary for emergency vehicle and exhibitor access.  Where a group of clubs is allocated a space over adjoining blocks it is expected that the 6 metre space between the blocks will be included in the display area to allow more practical layouts.

We are looking to set up a display of heritage community service-related vehicles.  This could include historic fire appliances, ambulances, police vehicles, buses, the Pie Cart etc.

Facilities – we will have coffee and food vendors on site.  Our event coincides with major ACT activities and this may mean that previous vendors are engaged elsewhere.

It is planned to establish Administration / Meet-n-Greet site, including WHEELS badge sales, near the heritage community service vehicle display as an Information Centre, contact point and for alternative activities – knitting, crochet, reading, talking. Bring a chair J

Sponsorship and nominated charity

This is an event for motoring enthusiasts to share their passion with one another and members of the general public.  It is considered fitting that our sponsor, Shannons’ “Share the Passion” motto be an underlying theme for the event. To the extent that the event is also able to deliver a benefit to a charity organisation.

There has been a long-standing tradition that the organisers of WHEELS nominate a charity to receive the benefits of gold coin donations by participants. STHARC has selected and is recommending that WHEELS 2020 charity be Cancer Council ACT.  STHARC, for WHEELS 2020, wishes to have just one charity in order to maximise the benefit.

Delays caused by collection of donations at the main gate point of entry, have resulted in congestion on public streets.  To eliminate this problem on public thoroughfares, STHARC is planning that all donation collection activity will be carried out at the entry points within the display area or the accesses to the public parking.

We are asking Rotary take on the public parking management as it did in 2019. Rotary can choose the beneficiary of their takings.

Regards & safe motoring

Joe Vavra

STHARC Wheels Co-ordinator

0407 331 048

01 October 2019

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The 2020 Shannons Wheels is being organised by The Southern Tablelands Heritage Automotive Restorers Club Inc. (STHARC) who have their clubroom in Queanbeyan NSW.
Contact details for all information are:
Joe Vavra 0407 331 048
Lawrie Nock   Email:

Shannons Wheels 2020 – Sunday 1st March 2020 – hosted by the Council of ACT Motor Clubs

Wheels has been held annually in the Capital Region for more than 30 years.  After Summernats, it is perhaps the largest motor vehicle display in the region. At its largest, there have been in excess of 1000 vehicles on display.
The event is hosted by the Council of ACT Motor Clubs (CACTMC) and sponsored by Shannons Insurance.
Since its inception, the event has been held in several different locations in the ACT.  The planning of the event has been carried out by various clubs affiliated with CACTMC. For many years the event was held in the very pleasant surroundings of the lawns of Old Parliament House. Concerns about the impact of such a large number of vehicles traversing the grassed areas and parking under the trees in the area, resulted in the event being relocated to a number of different sites in recent years.   The cost of running the event in 2017 was also a driving force behind seeking out a suitable location for such a free to the public exhibition.
Following the identification of various problems with the available sites, organisers decided to keep the event within the Capital Region but to widen the options for a suitable site to include locations outside of the ACT. In 2017, Queanbeyan – Palerang Regional Council, which has its headquarters in Queanbeyan, made the Queanbeyan Showground available as a site for Wheels. The decision to accept the opportunity has provided advantages for this display which were not previously available. Queanbeyan Showground is located within easy walking distance of the main shopping centre in Queanbeyan. The Showground is a substantial, level and fenced site, with public conveniences and good parking for visitors. There is a significant amount of additional public parking adjacent to the site in the commercial city centre, which is also available for use by visitors to Wheels.
The task of organising the Shannons Wheels 2020 event has been accepted by Southern Tablelands Heritage Automotive Restorers Club Inc. (STHARC) which is a Queanbeyan based car club affiliated with the CACTMC. In addition to the clubs affiliated with the CACTMC, STHARC believes that it would be beneficial to extend an invitation to attend Shannons Wheels 2020, to all Capital Region car clubs and members of clubs operating outside of the Capital Region if they would like to participate. Details of the event will be available on the CACTMC website. Entry to the display for vehicles will continue to be free, with a gold coin donation to the charity to be supported by the event to be requested from participants.
There has been, over recent years, an increasing tendency for participants in vehicle displays to arrive late and/or depart early. This practice is discourteous to those members of the public who accept the invitation to attend during the advertised hours for the display, but are denied the opportunity to view the display in its entirety. The movement of vehicles on the site is also potentially dangerous to members of the public attending the display and other exhibitors present therefore, no vehicle movements permitted between 10am and 1pm. (A Public Liability Insurance Requirement).
Trophies will be awarded at 12.45pm
With a view to preserving the integrity of the display, while not tying up vehicle owners for the whole day, it is intended that the advertised display times for the event will be 10.00 am until 3.00 pm with vehicle being permitted to depart from 1.00 pm following the award of trophies, although it is preferred that participants vehicles remain on the display site throughout the advertised times for the public display. The 1.00 pm departure, leaves exhibitors who may have travelled from more distant locations, with an opportunity to make a significant dent in the journey home in daylight conditions.
For planning purposes and display site allocation, clubs intending to display at Shannons Wheels 2020 will be asked to advise STHARC of the number of vehicles which they expect to have on display on the day.  Contact and email address for the organiers are:
Joe Vavra 0407 331 048
Lawrie Nock (email)
CACTMC (email)