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Members, it is that time of the year again!


 Your membership renewal fee of $50 is due by 30th June 2022.

STHARC account:  Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633 000     Account: 164876989

(Please use your first and last name as the reference, so that we know who has paid)




Go to “Renewal of Membership (PDF) for 2022-2023”  or Renewal of membership (DOC) 2022-2023 on the homepage of the STHARC Website, download the form and complete both sides.  Ensure vehicle information is accurate.

Email the form and a copy of your receipt to the Membership Secretary at joseph.vavra@bigpond.com or mausie.vavra@bigpond.com

Hand your completed form and a copy of your receipt to the Membership Secretary at a club meeting. If unable to make a direct deposit or make payment at a Bendigo Bank branch, payment can be given to the Treasurer at a club meeting.


= non-compliance to your conditional registration

and = No Third Party Insurance

 Bendigo Bank branches are located at Jerrabomberra, Curtin, Calwell, Wanniassa, Macquarie (Jamison Centre), Bungendore & Braidwood.


CHMC Handbook May 2021

This booklet is intended as a ready reference to all aspects of the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs including its history, aims and objectives, structure and management, and its major events.

Historic Vehicle Scheme period options, accessories and safety items

Eligibility of vehicles for inclusion in the Historic Vehicle Scheme

Transport for NSW has compiled a defined list of period options, accessories and safety items which may aid motoring clubs in determining the eligibility of vehicles for inclusion in the Historic Vehicle Scheme. This list is for light vehicles it does not cover motorcycles or heavy vehicles.

You can also download a PDF version of the Period options, accessories and safety items.

Important considerations:

  • The items listed below are considered acceptable period options, accessories and safety items for inclusion in the scheme.
  • This list will be used to determine if a vehicle is correctly registered under the scheme.
  • It is recommended that motoring clubs circulate this list to their members and that they provide appropriate education and advisory services.
  • Clubs may suggest other items which they believe should be included in the list; additions will occur after consultation and shall be confirmed by Transport for NSW in writing.
  • The final decision as to whether an item is added to the list will be exclusively determined by Transport for NSW.
  • Clubs must retain evidence of the item being available in the period/s as nominated.

Technical considerations

  • Period accessories and options relative to a vehicles age or build date are considered to be within 2-3 years (‘defined period’) of the build date of the vehicle. Note: There may be exceptions to this rule and clubs are invited to seek clarification where appropriate.
  • The installation of an item must not affect compliance with applicable vehicle standards.

Period options

  • tuning kits offered by a manufacturer or dealer and fitted by a manufacturer or dealer (for vehicles built before July 1976 or not built to ADR 27A)
  • tuning kits offered by a manufacturer or dealer and fitted by the vehicle owner (for vehicles built before July 1976 or not built to ADR 27A)
  • wheels of period type conforming to VSI09 (Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) diameter and tyre profile for vehicles pre-1970). Both the wheels and tyres must have been available in the defined period (as stated in the technical consideration above)
  • exhaust kits (for example, a Lukey muffler)
  • lowering kits – maximum 25mm or 1 inch only permitted
  • bonnet scoops
  • sump guards
  • air conditioning (including an under-dash system if not offered as an integrated system)
  • water injection (for example, a Kleinig system)
  • floor change conversions – OEM or aftermarket
  • overdrive on gearbox – including a Laycock system or similar
  • wire wheel conversion – whether optional or not
  • disc brake conversions from later year of same make/model. (Note: must be complete system including wheels and tyres)
  • disc brake conversions from later model of same make. (Note: must be complete system including wheels and tyres)
  • optional engine fitment. (Note: must be complete package including brakes, transmission, axles, wheels, tyres and other required items)
  • optional Transmission change including automatic to manual or manual to automatic conversion within manufacturer’s optional equipment.
  • half cage/single hoop roll bars in an open sports car – CAMS or VSB14 → not allowed in sedans or Fixed Head Coupes (FHC)
  • sun roof – OEM fitted
  • sun roof replicating OEM (must have an accompanying VSCCS compliance certificate)
  • Webasto-type roof conversion – OEM fitted.

Period accessories

Accessories must be able to be removed and the vehicle returned to its original “as built” condition. The accessories include:

  • radio
  • tape player – 8 track or cassette (not CD players) – unless OEM fitted
  • mudflaps
  • wheel trims and hubcaps
  • rear window blinds that do not obstruct vision (for example, louvres are acceptable)
  • mirrors – internal or external
  • dash mounted fans (check regulations for applicability)
  • additional instrumentation – dash mounted
  • side window blinds
  • mesh headlamp covers
  • luggage racks (roof or boot)
  • Halda Speedpilot or TripMaster (or similar)
  • map lamps and other internal reading lamps
  • driving and fog lamps – including mounts
  • badge bars
  • bonnet mascots
  • additional chrome strips
  • additional reflectors – including scotch tape or otherwise
  • demisters – including hot air or electric bar type
  • heater – hot water type
  • windscreen washers
  • bug deflectors
  • sun visors – internal or external
  • radiator/grille and insect screens
  • water bag carriers and water bag
  • period metal fuel cans and wooden tool boxes on running boards
  • additional spare wheel racks – roof or boot, running board or rear mounted racks
  • additional horns (for example, Klaxons). Note: Must not alternate sound like an emergency vehicle. Must not be siren whistle or bell.
  • reversing lamp/s
  • additional stop lamps
  • tow bar
  • wheel spats
  • wheel dress trims and rings
  • hubcaps
  • white wall tyres
  • hardtop for convertibles – OEM or aftermarket.
  • pinstriping consistent with the period style at vehicle build date
  • auxiliary lighting – forward facing
  • weathershields.

Safety items

  • Seatbelts – must be road approved (including, for example lap, lap sash and harness varieties). The belts must comply with Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulations 2017.
  • Vehicles built to comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR) 4 and 5 must continue to comply.
  • If a vehicle does not have seatbelt mounts and seatbelts are installed, they must be signed off by a suitably qualified Engineer.
  • Child Restraint Anchorages (CRA) – a vehicle must comply with ADR 4 and 5.
  • Direction indicators – can be white or amber (amber is preferred). The style must be in keeping with the defined period of the vehicle. Brake lamps flashing red for direction indicators are not acceptable. The replacement of semaphore type indicators is permitted.
  • Left-Hand Drive (LHD) sourced vehicles must have Right-Hand Drive (RHD) headlamps.
  • Toughened glass windscreens must have a safety zone immediately in front of the driver.
  • Imported vehicles may retain OEM belts. However, if the belts are fitted after importation, they must comply with Schedule 2 of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Regulations 2017.

Note: seatbelts and CRA are not mandatory if the vehicle was not fitted with seatbelts or CRA as an OEM fitment. However, they are strongly recommended for all vehicles where installation is possible.


Renewal of Membership for 2020-2021

It is drawn to members attentions that Club membership renewal is once again upon us.

Go to (Renewal Form) download the form and complete both sides. Ensure vehicle information is accurate. Email form and direct deposit receipt to the Treasurer (treasurer@stharc.org.au) or alternately print form, fill out both sides and give to treasurer at the May/June meeting. Treasurer will pass renewal onto Membership Secretary.

Membership renewal fee of $50 is due no later than July 1st, 2020


Pay by direct deposit to STHARC Bank account.

Details Bendigo Bank BSB 633000 Account 164876989

Reference: (please write your name so we know who paid.)




No REGISTRATION = No Third Party Insurance

Escape after the Lockdown      Allan Boyd and Chris Hillbrick-Boyd

With the easing of some Covid-19 restrictions, we decided to take a drive to the South Coast and stay for a few days.

On Tuesday 9 June we drove to Nowra where we met Allan’s brother Bill and his wife Jenny for a much awaited get-together and to share a lunch of fish and chips by the Wharf at Greenwell Point sitting in the warm sunshine.  Chatting away we were soon surrounded by squawking seagulls hoping for a handout;. they had to wait until we were leaving. The pelicans sat on the mooring piers preening themselves ignoring us and the seagulls.  This was our first trip to the seaside for 2020.

After our farewells, we headed south for Lake Conjola where we witnessed the devastation of the December 2019 massive bush fires at Conjola Park that wiped out many homes and the surrounding bush. Cleaning up of the fires destruction continues and construction of some new homes has commenced. The township of Lake Conjola about 7 kms along the entrance road was not as badly burnt although the fire came very close to many of the local houses, the local treatment plant and the Conjola Bowling Club. There must have been a lot of frantic activity to save the township. We stayed at the Ingenia/Big 4 Holiday Park by the lake and in view of burnt bush to the north and west. One Park cabin and boat were burnt but there was no evidence of any other damage.

The next morning we drove further around the area to view the devastation, especially the bush. We could see everything through the trees as all the underbush and leaves were gone. What amazed us was the amount of growth appearing up blackened tree trunks. Back at the cabin, Chris settled down for some serious crocheting whilst Allan found some cabin maintenance to do to keep himself busy!

The Conjola Bowling Club was open for business but we had to make a reservation. We enjoyed a quiet dinner and a couple of drinks in our allocated time. Allan had missed drinking draught beer and Chris her barista-made coffee; we are making up for it now.

Next day after lunch we drove to Ulladulla, meandering through Milton and Mollymook to see what was new and changed. As we are not shoppers, we drove through Ulladulla to Burrill Lakes to catch up on the progress of the area in the last couple of years, such as the new bridge and road works, including roundabouts, at Burrill Lakes, and the housing developments that reminded us of Canberra/Queanbeyan. Back at Ulladulla we dropped into the ExServos Club to renew our membership and book in for dinner that night. Then we drove down to the Lighthouse to look out to sea in the hope of seeing at least one whale (no luck) before driving down to the Wharf to look at the fishing trawlers and other small boats and admire the waves rolling up to the beach and crashing on the breakwater (much of it formed by huge man-made concrete structures). At the beach a saltwater pool remains for bathers. Back to the Club for a delicious meal of barramundi and squid; we were celebrating our wedding anniversary. Not how we envisaged it – we had planned on being in

Support to a Country Town  by Allan Boyd

With the lifting of regional travel restrictions and the call to support country town businesses, we took a day trip to Braidwood last Tuesday, 16 June.  We left home to arrive in Braidwood in time for lunch.

We had heard rumours that the Warri Rest Area (located on the Shoalhaven River at Warri Bridge) was closed, so we took a small detour to investigate. The area was probably blocked off a couple of months earlier as we found a brand new toilet block, located closer to the entrance of the rest area, open to travellers. The area is available for camping and caravans etc limited to 72 hours parking. The old toilet block is roped off and ready for removal.

Braidwood was quite busy; deciding on lunch was the first priority. To spread our spending we bought food at the Bakery and coffee at a “hole in the wall” take-away near to the original NSW Bank building.

I grew up in Braidwood going to the local school until about 15 years of age and then began an apprenticeship with a local electrician.  So returning to Braidwood is a “walk down memory lane” for me.  Chris and I walked up and down the main street as I pointed out what some of the shops “used to be”.  We chatted with a young lady who worked for the Council whose mother married a school mate of mine! I knew her mother also as they were a local Braidwood family going back a few generations (like mine).

Outside the bakery some classic cars were lined up: an MGA, MGB, Porsche 911, Porsche Boxter, E type Jaguar and a Ferrari Dino (some on HVS plates); probably a vehicle club visiting the town. Should have driven “Ringo” to blend in with the two Porsches !! lol

After lunch, the first call was to visit the local cemetery where a couple of my relatives are buried as well as some others known to me. Then we drove around the back streets of Braidwood to see the Boyd’s family house dating from the 1940’s/1950’s that now looks historic; then the places where my dad had his spray-painting/mechanical business and the paddock next door where we kept our Jersey cow. I remember milking the cow and carrying the fresh milk in the pail to my mum back home.

Heading for home we called in at the Braidwood Showground camping area now closed as BlazeAid is occupying the area as its base whilst the volunteers restore surrounding rural fencing damaged by the disastrous bushfires. What an amazing job they do.

Driving into Bungendore we decided to check out the new subdivisions popping up behind the main roads – we were astounded at the number of houses already occupied and still more being built. We could not call in to visit the Rudds as we had forgotten to take a contact phone number – next time Geoff and Jeanette.


Farewell to Max deOliver
by Allan Boyd with help from other STHARC members

It is with great sorrow we announce the passing of well-known STHARC member Max deOliver on Monday 4 May 2020.  Max and Maree Burke have been active members of STHARC since 2003, being involved in a variety of club positions and events since joining.  Max is probably best remembered for his involvement in STHARC events, always with Maree’s support.

Max loved vehicles particularly classic vehicles and owned a variety of classic cars ranging from early Holdens, Commodores, Falcons, a Morris Minor, a Daimler and, of course, his restored beloved Mini Moke.  Max carried out extensive maintenance and some full restorations of these vehicles.  Members who have participated in club events will have fond memories of Max and his little blue Mini Moke.

Also, he had a love for old caravans and campers some of which he restored, but to the surprise of many members took some months off in 2016 when he and Maree travelled around Australia (he dubbed Australia “Our Big Back Yard”) in a modern caravan towed by a modern 4WD!

Whilst STHARC Events Director, Max was keen on organising several of the longer events that took place over 3 to 4 days; to the South Coast and another to Victoria and mid West NSW, meeting up with other historic vehicle clubs.  More recently Max was almost solely responsible for STHARC’s successful running of the 2019 Shannons Wheels event and a significant participant in the successful running of the event again this year.

Max had an early motoring connection with several STHARC members.  Phil Selmes and Max were involved in speedway car racing in the 1970s through to the 80’s and 90’s at various local tracks.  Whereas Tony Brown first met Max in the 1980’s when Tony was the proprietor of a windscreen fitting business and Max was employed by O’Brien Glass as a windscreen fitter, and then Max left and started his own mobile fitting business.  Tony lost contact with Max until he and Christine joined STHARC and then Tony got to know Max more personally.  It was through Max’s mobile windscreen fitting business that Albert Neuss first met Max in the 1980’s.

Helping other members with their vehicles and caravans was something Max enjoyed and willingly undertook.  Max will be sadly missed by all Club members who knew him.


All STHARC events and STHARC’s attendance at any other events has been CANCELLED until a review at the July 2020 general meeting. 


Breaking News

The Australian Government is advising against non-essential organised gatherings of 500 or more people from Monday 16th March.  People, it might be wise to DIAL before you DRIVE.


Breaking News

Classic Yass car show cancelled with organisers ready to ‘take a bow’

The popular, annual Classic Yass car show has been cancelled for the foreseeable future with the small group of organisers saying it’s ready to “take a bow”.

Some members of the Yass Antique Motor Club (YAMC) committee have been involved with the event that attracts about 10,000 people to the regional town since it began 14 years ago.

The committee made the decision at its monthly meeting on Monday, November 18 and announced the news on Wednesday, November 20 to give visitors who booked accommodation for 2020 time to cancel or make other arrangements.  Link for more news

Removing Luxury Car Tax From Historic Vehicles.

The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs NSW Inc. supports the Australian Historic Motoring Federation in it’s initiative to have the Luxury Car Tax removed from the importation of historic cars. Please refer to the online petition by following this link. Petition  Please ignore any screen which solicits money, no financial contribution is being asked for.

Historic and classic cars log book to stay

2 October 2019

Historic and classic car enthusiasts will have more opportunities to hit the road outside club events thanks to the Liberal & Nationals Government making log books a permanent feature this week.

Minister for Regional Transport and Roads Paul Toole said 50,000 cars had participated in the log book scheme during its trial period.

“We know owners of these cars want to be able to take them out for a spin and share their love of these cars with others – that’s why we’ve made it easier for them to keep track of how often they drive them,” Mr Toole said.

“Under this scheme, historic and classic car owners can drive their vehicles for up to 60 days each year outside of club organised events.”

Minister for Transport and Roads Andrew Constance said Transport for NSW would deliver phased improvements to the log book scheme over the next 12 months.

“We are looking at ways to ensure compliance of the conditional registration and to support motorists by ensuring they have a say in the log book format,” Mr Constance said.

“Drivers will need to continue to record the vehicle’s use in the log book and be a member of a Transport for NSW recognised classic or historic vehicle club or approved organisation to use the log book.”

Australian Confederation of Motor Clubs President Tony O’Donnell welcomed the announcement.

“The logbook scheme allows owners to more easily enjoy and share the pleasure of our vehicles with each other and the community,” Mr O’Donnell said.

“Its confirmation as a permanent scheme encourages our long term commitment to our lifestyle, event participation and the stability of the industry and jobs we support.”


A sad announcement that foundation member Annette Scattergood passed away early this morning (Saturday 7th September 2019).  Anne’s funeral is to be held at Christ Church Rutledge Street Queanbeyan at 1:30pm on Wednesday September 18th. Ron has advised Joe that he would appreciate a ‘Guard of Honour’ for Anne, of club cars at the Church.

Farewell to Anne Scattergood

11 June 1940 – 7 September 2019
by Allan & Chris Boyd

Annette Scattergood, known as “Anne”, was farewelled on Wednesday 18 September at Christ Church, Queanbeyan. 

The afternoon service was attended by many members of STHARC and CACMC (Canberra Antique & Classic Motor club) as well as Anne’s extensive family & circle of friends. The combined motor clubs’ members cars were parked as a Guard of Honour around the Church and carpark behind the Church. The Church was full to almost overflowing. Ron was surrounded by his loving family. Daughter Maureen gave a moving Eulogy about her mother’s life, the older granddaughters read a poem, a grandson read a prayer and favourite songs were played.

With a change of tradition, many of the club vehicles and other cars followed the hearse through Queanbeyan to the STHARC clubhouse and then the hearse left. Inside the hall home-made refreshments were served in true country style and hospitality. The relaxed atmosphere provided an opportunity for family and friends to intermingle and catch up.

Anne (and Ron) Scattergood were foundation members of both the attending motor vehicle clubs.

STHARC Roll Call:

Boyd, Allan and Chris                                    VW Beetle “Ringo”

Brown, Janjte                                                  modern

Buckley, David                                               modern

Carratt, Kenny                                    HR Holden ute

Corbett, John and Pam                                    ’48 Pilot

James and Grace Corbett                                ’48 Pilot

Cunneen, Paul                                                 37 Ford Y

Davis, Terry                                                    Ford V8

de Oliver, Max                                                Holden Commodore

Forsey, Chris                                                   modern

Hatch, Ros and Tracey                                    1959 Prefect

Malam, Ray and Barbara                                ’74 Jaguar XJ6

McCarron, Marshall                                        450SEL Mercedes

Neuss, Albert and Pauline Campbell              ’36 Plymouth

Nock, Jane and Lawrie and Krys McLeish     ’39 Packard

Rudd, Geoff and Jeanette                                modern

Templeton,Colleen and Michael                     modern

Thomas, Brian and Benita                              modern

Thomas, John and Rosemary                          ’64 EH Holden

Torricke-Barton, David                                   Morris Minor

Winnett, Rhonda and Ronda Cornwell           modern


The Marriage of Club Member James Corbett and Maddie


by Allan Boyd

Some of our STHARC foundation members will remember Gordon & Wynn Reid as they attended the inaugural meeting at the Queanbeyan Tigers Club in 2000 when a club committee was elected and STHARC was founded.

For a number of years the Reids were active STHARC members attending meetings and outings with their 1950s Austin A40.  In addition, Gordon & Wynn had an association with Elwyn Bell of Bells Amusements which enabled them to borrow a jumping castle on a number of occasions for the STHARC Christmas parties for the youngsters enjoyment – a wonderful highlight of those parties.

I cannot recall the year, however Gordon and Wynn sold their Austin and bought a small motorhome and went touring Australia.  Although this ended their close association with STHARC and classic motoring, Queanbeyan remained their base and members would catch up with them at other activities or in the street. Their son Laurie became involved with the Holden Torana Club, so we kept in touch with him at various motor club events.

Gordon was community minded and he regularly attended Queanbeyan Council, now QPRC, meetings where he spoke his mind and was evicted from meetings on occasions.

In recent years Gordon’s health became an issue and he spent the last couple of his years in the Queanbeyan Nursing Home where he passed away in June of this year.

Several STHARC members attended Gordon’s funeral on 27 June; we gathered at Wynn’s home (with a number of other mourners) to journey to the Queanbeyan Lawn Cemetery with our classic cars as well as a cavalcade of motorbikes for a grave-side service which included an RSL service.

Drinks were back at the Tigers Club, but I chose to simply go home with my memories.

Digital licences being trialled in NSW.   Thursday, 4 July 2019

(Source: 7NEWS Sydney)

Digital licences will be rolled out state-wide next month.

Drivers in New South Wales could soon be nabbed for using their phone without even knowing they are doing something wrong.

Next month, digital licences are being rolled out statewide after successful trials in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, Albury and Dubbo.

But Service NSW, which conducts driving tests and hands out licences, warned drivers not to immediately pick up their phone when they’re pulled over by police.

“As per current NSW road rules, motorists are not permitted to touch their smartphone or device to access their Digital Driver Licence until they are requested to do so by NSW Police,” a Service NSW spokesperson told 7NEWS.com.au.

“Significant penalties apply for using a mobile phone illegally,” the Service NSW website says.

The opt-in digital licence, which is not mandatory, will mean motorists have unique identifying barcodes.

Drivers are being warned not to pick up their phones until police ask them to.Image: AAP

While Service NSW encourages drivers to keep their plastic licence cards on hand, they won’t be penalised if it’s forgotten.

“The Digital Driver Licence is a legal form of ID and should be accepted on its own,” a spokesperson said.

The Service NSW website also reminds drivers to make sure phones are charged and screens aren’t cracked.

The new digital licences can also be used to get into participating licensed venues.

“There are no plans to phase out plastic car licences.”

Motorists will need to download the Service NSW app on their smartphone and connect their account to Roads for the digital licence.

A PIN will need to be set up to access the licence.

Letter from NRMA concerning Insurance of Classic Vehicles on the 60 day log book scheme.

NRMA VVC Club Plate Use


A drop from the Council of Heritage Motor Clubs to keep you going

  • The Trial of 60 day Log Books for HVS and CVS will conclude in September
  • From then, RMS will decide whether Log Books should become a permanent arrangement, and if so, whether any changes need be made
  • Prior to this, RMS will be conducting an online survey relating to the Log Book
  • The Survey will be conducted in the last weeks of May,
  • CHMC has provided RMS with Affiliated Club’s digital contacts for this
  • It is understood that both Clubs and individual members may take part in the
  • CHMC will be hosting an open forum at the Griffith AGM to gauge members input to its response to the Survey and to elaborate if needed in a separate and formal Council response to the
  • Clubs delegates to the AGM should be aware of, and be prepared to provide, all aspects of their Club’s views to the Griffith
  • We encourage Clubs and members to take part in, and make carefully considered responses to the RMS

Peter Wright (RMS Liaison) phone 0417 250 798

More information about this, and other items of interest, can be found on Council’s website:



Tribute to a founding member Garry Hatch

Suddenly Gone but Never Forgotten, our Mate.

Garry Hatch “Hatchie

By John Thomas and John Corbett

The sudden passing of one of our popular and well-known members saddens us all. He was a Foundation member of the STHARC club and in the early stages was one of the office bearers who got the club firmly on our feet. Well known for his astute financial advice and Treasurer’s role. Another skill was with the cooking of steaks on the club BBQ.

I had the honour of meeting Garry in the initial forming of the club stages. Albert and John Corbett have been lifelong friends. We have had many enjoyable trips, dinners, lunches and events together. He cost us a night’s accommodation at Corowa due to his liking of cheese, wine (crucified grapes) and ice cream, but we had a lot of laughs!

Garry and Ros were inseparable; they enjoyed exploring new places, towns and novelty shops and made easy traveling companions.

Garry loved driving Ros’s family Ford Prefect and it was always packed within an inch of its life but always had room for another trinket for Ros or the grandchildren. They preferred to take the rear position in a club convoy as the little Prefect take just that bit longer to climb the rolling hills but certainly made up for it on the long flat stretches.

Garry was excited when he purchased his 1955 Dodge. This car was faster and had a lot more storage capacity for all those trinkets, wine even the odd train set.

I enjoyed our quick (healthy??) lunches and croquet matches during the working day. He was a sheet metal worker and helped us create our designs of letterboxes into reality (sorry we did not get the ‘emu’ done, a bit challenging Tracey).

Farewell Garry



There is a current issue where people are not forwarding a copy of their registration papers to the Club Registrar.

It is a Roads & Maritime Service and ACT Road Transport Authority requirement that clubs must hold a current copy of each member’s registered vehicle.

If they don’t, the vehicle is deemed unregistered by the above Authorities. It is the owner’s responsibility that the registration copy is sent to the Club Registrar, either by person, mail or email.

If the Club Registrar does not have a copy of your current registration papers, the required paperwork for your renewal will not be processed.

J. Corbett

STHARC Club Registrar

From Hugh Spencer

Importing of Cars from USA

I like many people had thought that importing classic cars from the USA was effectively no longer possible due to new Australian Asbestos rule enforcement  issue. Turns out my importing company have a certified agent here in long Beach who happens also to be an Australian who can certify vehicles for asbestos free export and import into Australia. So obviously there is a cost to getting your Packard Chevrolet or Ford declared asbestos free but it can and is being done. 

I am using CFR Rinkens Nigel (This company is very large and deals with exotics etc) for the export of my  Indian motorcyle and Ivan from Bikes abroad who is my Australian agent. 

Following discussions with the CHMC over concerns that historic vehicles that had been converted to RHD may have to be transferred from the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) to the new Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) the Roads and Maritime Service has amended the Historic Vehicle Scheme policy to allow vehicles with a left-hand (LHD) to right-hand drive (RHD) conversion to be registered in the Scheme. An RMS factsheet explains the policy change (download below) and the RMS webpage for Historic Vehicles has been updated to reflect the policy change.

“Vehicles with a left-hand drive to right-hand drive conversion which are currently registered in the Historic Vehicle Scheme may remain in the scheme.” Applications for new HVS registrations should  “produce certification documentation to support the Historic Vehicle Declaration for a vehicle with a left-hand drive to right-hand drive conversion.”   RMS18.706                          

RMS Factsheet – LHD to RHD HVS 9 Feb 2018.pdf

Article in latest edition of “THE BUSH TELEGRAPH”

An article from another magazine which deals with motor vehicle electrics. It may have some useful information for members. Link to Magazine.

All Bush Telegraph magazines available through the LINKS menu of the STHARC web site.


Notice from the RMS Effective 18/01/2018

Withdrawal of AIS Notice 35 and AIS Notice 35 FAQ

In December 2017, RMS issued AIS Notice 35 and FAQs. These notices advised we couldn’t accept certificates issued under Engineering Certifications Scheme (ECS) when establishing registration for modified or individually constructed vehicles. In response to feedback from our customers about some of the unintended impacts of this change, RMS is working closely with clubs, motoring enthusiasts and other stakeholders to review this policy. Subsequently AIS Notice 35 and the FAQs have been withdrawn. Owners of vehicles certified under ECS, which are not currently registered, should not take any action to re-certify their vehicles until the review is complete and owners of currently registered modified vehicles should note there are no changes to their ability to renew their vehicle’s registration or to their vehicles registration status. We apologise for any inconvenience and expect to be able to provide customers with greater clarity and certainty on the issue shortly.

Roads and Maritime Services, AIS Online, Friday 19 January 2018.


The Robert Shannon Foundation (Important information for members below the age of 30).

The Robert Shannon Foundation was established in 2003 to perpetuate the memory of Robert Shannon, founder of Shannons Insurance, who died unexpectedly in March 2000. Robert was an avid classic car enthusiast, who especially enjoyed his 1930 Invicta S Type. He was a strong supporter of the historic motoring movement and was concerned that it was not attracting enough younger people, particularly in the areas of the preservation and restoration of classic vehicles.
The Robert Shannon Foundation has no connection with the Shannons Insurance organisation. All correspondence related to the Robert Shannon Foundation should be sent to the Robert Shannon Foundation through the relevant State Council  The purpose of the Foundation is to encourage people under the age of 30 to become involved in the restoration and preservation of veteran, vintage, post-vintage, historic 50’s, historic 60’, historic 70’s and historic 80’s vehicles up to 30 years old. Robert Shannon Foundation Webpage
The Foundation may:
–  help with the purchase of specialist tools or equipment
–  assist with the actual cost of restoration work
–  contribute toward TAFE or other fees
–  contribute toward any project considered worthwhile by the Trustees.



Charlie McCarron was known to some members of STHARC.  He was the owner of the local Holden dealership in Canowindra which was subsequently turned into a motor museum. Charlie passed away on 16 August 2017.  Details are at Canowindra news.com.au.

CVS Club Package  Link to guidelines and documents required on getting your vehicle certified for CVS registration (Modified Vehicles)


As discussed at the 7 March meeting, STHARC has made a decision to participate in the CVS.  Chris asked at the meeting if STHARC would be prepared to host a regional meeting at which interested clubs and vehicle owners associated with CHMC could meet with officials of CHMC for briefings.  There did not seem to be any objection to the idea from those present.  Committee should formalize its response to this at its next meeting.  Chris suggested that if we are to do something it probably needs to happen in April and the sooner the better.

The hard copy of the documentation is held by myself and is available to any committee member who wants to access it.  The documentation attached should be loaded onto our website for members to access.

I am attaching my version of the minutes from tonight’s meeting for consideration and comment.  If there are no obvious issues it is the version I intend to treat as the minutes of the meeting for publication in the next newsletter.

Lawrie Nock

Secretary, STHARC

On Wednesday, 8 March 2017, 0:44, Chris Hillbrick-Boyd <secretarychmc@gmail.com> wrote:

CHMC Affiliated Clubs

Dear Club Secretary,

Attached is the CVS Club Package that provides the guidelines and documents for registering vehicles on the CVS.

CHMC reiterates that CVS is not compulsory and that your club may not wish to participate and do not intend endorsing applications for CVS registration.

As stated by the CHMC President, CHMC is committed primarily to preservation of the HVS, and is participating in CVS primarily for the benefit of those Clubs which have members with vehicles that do not properly fit within the guidelines for HVS.

Also, CHMC is prepared to conduct regional Forums, the first of which is scheduled to be at Inverell on Saturday April 1, 2017.

Should any Club wish to host or co-host such a forum please contact me as soon as possible.

Kindest regards

Chris Hillbrick-Boyd

Secretary, CHMC

Delegate to CACTMC   


The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)

Council of Heritage Motor Clubs (CHMC) approval as a Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) Approved Organisation.

CHMC was notified today by email from the RMS that our application to be an Approved Organisation for the issue of Classic Vehicle Scheme registration to financial members of clubs affiliated with the CHMC was granted by RMS.  Concurrently with the notification, the RMS website was updated to reflect this approval.

 The RMS website to view details is: www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/registration/get-nsw-registration/classic-vehicles/index.html Click on Classic Vehicles and go to Classic Vehicles:  Background.

This approval does not mean that all clubs affiliated with CHMC have to take up the CVS.  Rather it is a club by club decision.  CHMC as an Approved Organisation gives those affiliated clubs the opportunity to access CVS if it is their Club’s decision to do so.

The process CHMC will be adopting differs from that published by ACMC and its affiliates, and will initially not involve the management fee charged by that organisation.  CHC is organising the supply to Clubs of the necessary application forms and guidelines for members who wish to participate in CVS.

A further detailed announcement will be provided to all Clubs as soon as this is done, as will arrangements for regional and Clubs visits as proposed in my letter dated 12 December 2016.

Warmest wishes

Ray Ives

President C.H.M.C.

22 February 2017


Important for Club Members

The Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) introduced the Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) on 19 December 2016, that includes standard and modified vehicles weighing no more than 3.5 GVM.

This new scheme does not replace the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) but is a new scheme that allows modified vehicles to be registered on Conditional Registration with all the benefits that such schemes provide for our club members.  As with the Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS), vehicles must be at least 30 years old and the club member must be a financial member of STHARC (which is an approved RMS historic club).

The Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) encompasses modifications to eligible vehicles that are within the ambit of RMS VSI 6.  Any vehicles that do not meet the RMS VSI 6 must have an engineers’ certificate by a certified VSCCS approved member. 

If you believe you have a vehicle eligible for registration under Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS), whether currently on full registration, on Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) or a new registration, do not hesitate to contact the STHARC Registrar to become familiar with the process for Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) registration.

The RMS has notified appropriate Councils and Associations that it expects all approved RMS historic club members who may have vehicles that meet the new Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS) to move across to this scheme.   A “period of grace” has been given to members to do this, after which any vehicles found on Historic Vehicle Scheme (HVS) that are found to be modified will incur fines for both the club member and the club. 

Wearing of club membership badges

The membership of STHARC has increased by about one third since 2015.  This means a lot of new faces and names for existing members and for the new members even more new faces and names.  The Committee considered a suggestion from a club member that we should actively encourage members to wear their name badges at club meetings and events.  This simple courtesy will help all of us to associate more easily.  It was decided that the club will purchase some stick on name tags so that members who have forgotten their badges can be easily identified by other members who do not already know them.

Would club members please make a special effort to wear their club badges to future meetings and events. 


Members. If you missed Jennifer Douglas’s story on the Fergie tractor at Wentworth, (Hazel on Landline) catch up with ABC Open.   Click Here.


  UPDATE 11th August 2016 from    Council of ACT Motor Clubs Inc.

URGENT Council Communique – August 2016

 Official complaint received from RTA about club members offering their vehicles for hire:

It has been brought to the attention of the Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) in the ACT that car club members are advertising their vehicles for paid hire for school formals and weddings. Most advertising is through social media.

Unless the vehicle is accredited to be used as a hire vehicle and the driver holds a W classification on their driver’s licence it is illegal and an offence under section 75 of the Road Transport (Public Passenger Services) Act 1999 for a person to pretend to be accredited to operate a hire car service for reward.

The RTA have advised that inspectors will be actively attending end of year formals to check unlicensed vehicles participating in end of year school formals. Additionally the Authority will be contacting people who place advertisements on social media websites who are not accredited, but advertising their services.

Such behaviour reflects badly on the car club movement and anyone found to be not abiding by the rules and regulations concerning hire vehicles should be ashamed of themselves and their club should take appropriate action to discipline them.

It is not illegal to use a CRS registered vehicle to take friends and relatives to school formals and weddings provided

No fees are to be charged.

Thank you

If unsure of your circumstance please contact STHARC Committee,

Contact the Web Master if you have news that will be of interest to members and would like it to be entered on this page.

Malcolm Roxburgh


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