Club Meetings are held at 8pm; 1st Tuesday of each month (except January) at the Girl Guide Hall, 36 Erin St, Queanbeyan.

You do not have to have a vehicle to join STHARC, but you must be a financial member of an accredited automobile club to be eligible to obtain Historic Registration (Club Plates) in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

 Registration in the club is open to all Veteran (up to 1919), Vintage (1920 to 1930) and Historic Automobiles (equal to or greater than 30 years of age), any make and any model. This also applies to Tractors and Motorcycles meeting the above criteria.

One membership can have numerous vehicles on Historic  Registration (Club Plates).

The membership fee is $50 for 12 months plus a one off $25 joining fee. The membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June. Persons who apply for membership after the first of January each membership year, if accepted, will be required to pay the joining fee as prescribed and one half of the annual subscription. 

STHARC Membership Form  Print, complete the form and pass/post or complete online and Email to Club Secretary
CVS Club Package   Link to guidelines and documents required on getting your vehicle certified for CVS registration (Modified Vehicles)
STHARC Membership Renewal Form  Print, complete the form, and pass to Registrar, (he requires a hardcopy of vehicle details)
The renewal fee is $50 per annum.
For renewal only, you can use  STHARC DIRECT DEPOSIT.
SERVICE ONE Alliance Bank
BSB 801 009 Account 1141200
Reference is your name so we know who has made the transfer.

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